Team Philosophy

Greene County Swim Team


The Greene County Swim Team (GCST) is a swimmer-centered, parent-supported, coach-driven, and team-minded program that offers a wide variety of levels of swim training and coaching, developed and structured with the purpose of creating a long-term passion for competitive swimming.  We make swimming fun, exciting and fulfilling for each team member.  Whether your child is a member of a Junior Olympic team, races at a local level, has had a great summer novice experience, or recently passed swim lessons, your child has a place within the GCST.

Stroke technique, mechanics and efficiency, in addition to kicking and cardiovascular endurance, make up the foundation of our program’s levels.  We believe in allowing young swimmers to develop as they mature, supporting them as they grow into strong, efficient, mature swimmers.  We strive to prepare each child for the path, rather than preparing the path for the child.

Minimum requirements at each level are intended to allow our coaches to work more effectively within their practices, not to isolate or segregate.  Assessments are ongoing throughout the season, and advancements to the next level will be communicated to families.  Our coaches always have your child’s best interest and long-term development in mind.  The decision to consider, initiate and approve a move is the responsibility of the coaching staff only.  When coaches move a child from one level to another, they use the 3-pronged approach to help them make their decisions. Taken into equal consideration are the following:

  •      The emotional and developmental readiness of the child
  •      Actual age of the child
  •      Physical abilities of the child (practice training and meet performances)

If any one of these is not in place, we believe it is not the best time to move your child.  That being said, when the coaching staff has observed that all three are in place, they will begin initiating your child’s move to a new and more appropriate level.  As always, if you have any questions, please contact any of the GCST Staff.