Tryout Information

Welcome to the Greene County Swim Team

Summer Try-out Dates

Paragould Community Center

Swimmers can try-out April 15th - 30th on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays between 5:30pm - 8:00pm (drop-in)


Try-out Information

What is the minimum requirement to be on the GCST?  At the very least, a swimmer needs to be able swim 25 yards of freestyle and/or backstroke without assistance from a coach, parent/caregiver, sibling or the wall.  The swimmer must also be able to separate from the parent/caregiver without issue and take direction independently.

How long will the try-out last?  Typically, the evaluation will last around 10 minutes, depending on what the swimmer knows.  We also like to take a few minutes after the evaluation to talk with the parent(s) and answer any initial questions you may have.

How are swimmers placed?  We divide the team into different training groups based upon age, practice and swim meet performance, demonstrated leadership skills, ATTITUDE and desired level of drive and commitment.  Since new swimmers have not had the opportunity to demonstrate practice and swim meet performance, or leadership skills, we do a short evaluation of their swim skills and ask a series of questions to make an initial placement.  No swimmer is "married" to their initial placement and will move into the next group once he/she has demonstrated the promotion standards.  If a swimmer takes a significant amount of time off away from the pool, there is no guarantee that they will be placed back in the same group they were in previously.  This decision is up to the sole discretion of the coaches.

Once your swimmer(s) begins practicing with the GCST, he/she will need to:

1.    Wear a competition style practice suit during practices - NOT YOUR TEAM SUIT!

2.    Wear a cap and goggles during practice. (Extra GCST caps are $10/each)

3.    Bring all required practice equipment to practices.

4.    Be prepared to get in the pool at start time.