Future Champions


Future Champions- Ages 3 - 6 years


Description- This is our introductory class to year-round swimming. This class has only 4 swimmers per instructor and is 45 minutes long. This class usually meets mid-morning twice per week.  


Click on the “Future Champions” Tab at the top of our website to enroll in this class and see the class schedule. This class will fill up fast because of the limited number of classes and kids in each class.


Goals- to teach swimmers to glide in streamline position, blow bubbles & roll over to get a breath, kick on stomach and use big arms independently for about 5 meters with face in the water, turn back to front & front to back while swimming about 5 meters, kick with kick-board, float on back, kick on back while using arms, swim at least 15 meters twice independently, jump off side of pool in deep water.