(MAD) Meyer Athletic Development​


The Sailfish Team is proud to partner with Meyer Athletic Development​ (MAD) run by the well-respected strength and conditioning coach, Tim Meyer, at his MAD Training gym for our advanced dryland training.


Summer Strength and Conditioning

Summer time is where athletes that want to; make a HS team, become an elite athlete and/or plan to swim in college or beyond go to work with consistent attendance at more than one training workout each day.

However, it does not have to be all work and no play. The Sailfish have successfully blended summer league with year-round swimming by working with and around the morning summer league training routine. We do this with both swim practice and dryland strength and conditioning held in late morning or the afternoon.

The following listed programs are specifically for advanced active Sailfish swimmers that have received permission from Coach Chris to participate.

You will need to print, fill out and sign the Liability Release and Photo Permission Form and bring it to the first class.

There are two sign ups for dryland at the MAD Training gym.

1) May is 1x a week 5:45-6:30PM at the Mad Training Facility on Wednesdays. Sign up under the swim lessons program (MAD Dry Land) on the website: is limited. 

2) M,W,F June/July has three time frames. 

9:30-10:15 AM is for our pre-high school or less experienced Sailfish (ages 11-13).

2:45-3:30 PM for our teenagers (ages 13-15).

3:30-4:15 PM for our high school and more advanced Sailfish (ages 15-17).

Space is limited. Sign up today under the swim lessons program (MAD Dry Land) on the www. website.


If you wish to participate but do not have permission from Coach Chris for the above classes you can still participate in other workouts offered for CK Swimming athletes via drop in or private lessons. This requires sign up directly with MAD Training via their website. See the MAD Training schedule online HERE.


LOCATION: 715 Discovery Blvd. #Suite 506, Cedar Park, TX 78613