Summer Training Transition FAQ


What is the Summer Training Transition?
During the summer, Sailfish swimmers combine with local Summer League Swim teams for practices to get the best of both worlds. Regular monthly Sailfish practice fees are turned off for May and June. For those staying at Sendero, you will register as a Marlin and you will train at Sendero with our same coaching staff.

Who Coaches the Marlins?

The Marlins’ coaching staff is made up primarily of Sailfish Coaches! Coach bios can be found HERE. Fun Fact: most Marlins coaches were once Marlins themselves!


What if I can’t practice daily?

No problem! All five weekly practices are highly encouraged, but we ask you attend at least two practices a week.


Why do the Sailfish become the Marlins?

Summer-league training is a core part of the Sailfish program. We were founded based on the community desire for year-round training that grew out of the Marlins summer-league team. It is our belief that summer training provides numerous benefits:

The weekly meets are a great mode of immediate feedback, allowing for fine-tuning and stroke experimentation without the expensive price tag that goes along with USA Swimming meets. The casual nature of these meets also fosters socialization, teamwork and unity; all critical components needed for an enduring swimming career free of the burnout that many athletes face.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that summer-league transitions allows our older athletes the opportunity to earn volunteer hours and experience while remaining close to what they love. CK Swimming prides itself on developing not just swimmers, but leaders with the integrity and discipline needed to succeed on whatever path they choose to tread. Many of our Sailfish coaches are former swimmers that first began as intern coaches with the Marlins!


What about long-course season? Will we not have any more USA Swimming meets until September?

We will certainly be participating in long-course meets! Regardless of where you swim for the summer, be it Marlins, Redfish, Stingrays, Tidal Waves or any other summer-league team, you will still have the opportunity to attend long-course meets with the Sailfish! Although we do not have a 50-meter training pool (yet!), long-course meets are a great experience; we encourage everyone to attend! Keep an eye on the ‘Upcoming Events’ tab, as well as Sailfish newsletters, to stay up-to-date on future meets.


Can I swim for a different summer league team? Will I lose my spot on the Sailfish?

You can swim for any summer-league team you want! We understand that many swimmers get their start on a summer team and want to return to that team for social reasons. That’s totally fine; you will not be penalized and your Sailfish account will be reactivated come the end of the season. Just be sure to tell all your friends how you managed to get so fast!


What if I don’t want to do summer league?

You don’t have to! Perhaps you have a vacation or series of summer camps lined up instead, or you just can’t really do mornings. If you’re in this position, don’t fret! The Sailfish will be offering afternoon workouts throughout June and July. If you’d like to swim Sailfish exclusively during these months, contact Coach Chris or Coach Nate.

CK Swimming will also be offering our annual SPEED Stroke Clinic, featuring shorter practice times and emphasis on stroke development, for swimmers who want to continue improving but cannot commit to the more demanding summer schedule.


I’m an elite athlete. *tips sunglasses* I’m too good for summer league.

Alright, cool your jets, hotshot. As mentioned above, summer-league provides some important opportunities. Furthermore, the Marlins workout groups are constructed based on ability, so advanced swimmers will be working with peers of similar ability and with their normal Sailfish coaches. Beyond that, our senior group is expected to double down on training this summer. 5 days a week of morning practices, followed by a second swim workout on MWF and a dryland training routine with our partners at MAD Training on TTH. Senior group athletes will receive more information from Coach Chris in the near future.


You didn’t answer my question!

No worries! If you have a question about summer training, feel free to email our staff!


For inquiries regarding workout time placement, Senior Group, advanced training, or billing, contact Coach Chris.



For all other inquiries, contact Coach Nate.



For more FAQ Marlins questions, please visit the Marlins website HERE.