Fees & Payment Policy

 Swimming Fees


Annual Registration Fees

USA Swimming: All swimmers are required to register as a member of USA Swimming with an annual fee of $78

COTA: All swimmers must register with COTA with an annual registration fee of $150 for the first swimmer, $100 for each additional swimmer. This includes one team t-shirt per swimmer. 

Monthly Fees*

Age Group - $95

Juniors - $145

Seniors - $160

Seniors HSC - $100

*Monthly dues will be capped at $350 per family regardless of number of swimmers. 

Payment Policy

COTA accepts both Credit Cards and Automatic Checks.  

Automatic billing for monthly fees (including any meet fees if applicable) processes on the first of each month.   

A late fee of $20 will be assessed for payments not completed through the automatic billing process.  Swimmers with delinquent fees and who have not paid by the 20th of the month will not be allowed to swim until all fees (including late charges) are paid.

If you wish to voluntarily withdraw from the team, you must notify Capital of Texas Aquatics through the designated email ( 15 days prior to the first of the month. Do not rely on the coaches or other parents to notify the COTA Administrator. If you do not submit your notice to this specific email address, you will be responsible for the monthly dues until we receive proper notification.