Q:  What is “on time?”

    Please arrive 15 minutes before practice starts in order to be ready to get in the water on time.

A: On time means about 15 minutes before getting into the water so that the kiddos can acclimate, situate their stuff, become present, and hop in when it is their practice time.  

The southbound 360 light can take 7 minutes to change on a weekday.  The light is kind of random.  But add that 7 minutes to your commute time to allow stress levels to go down.  There is nothing like thinking you are going to be 10 minutes early, wait 7 minutes for that light, then miss the turn because you were too many cars back to make the turn.  Then, suddenly, your swimmer is late.    


Q: Are swim meets required?

A: Swim meets are required for Junior and Seniors practice groups.  Swim meets are not required for Age Group or High School Conditioning groups.

Swim meets are a fun and engaging way to measure progress and reward hard work done at practice.  Although swimmers can see long term progress in just practice attendance, meets quantify the efforts in a much more tangible way.  It’s easier to tell a swimmer that they dropped 5 seconds, than for that swimmer to realize their 10x100m average has dropped 5seconds in the past two months. (Plus, ribbons and medals are fun!)


Q: When can my swimmer move up a group?

A: Changing groups is a big step for the swimmer.  That being said, a lot of progress through the groups is based on physical maturity, coupled with getting faster and demonstrating the ability to focus and pay attention to the level required by the next group.  If your swimmer is crazy fast and beats everyone in their group, but they lose technique they are not ready to move up. Put simply, there is no definite answer and if you think your swimmer may be ready, ask the coach to keep an eye out for a week and let you know how your swimmer is doing.


Q: Are parents required to stay at practice?

A: Not at all.  In fact, we encourage parents to go run errands during practice, or stay out of sight of the swimmers.  For older swimmers, parents can be an embarrassment.  For the younger swimmers, parents can be a distraction and can prevent the swimmer from giving all of their attention to the coach and the workout.  Without your swimmer’s full attention, the coaches have to work twice as hard (if not more) to help your swimmer improve. The only people allowed on deck during practice times are swimmers and coaches. If you have a question please email the coaches. Coaches would also be happy to set up a time to visit with you before or after their scheduled practices.


Q: Can parents talk to their kids during practice?

A: NO! See above.  Even if a parent is swimming laps in the lane near a swimmer, any parent communication is a disruption to practice and can distract not only the swimmer, but the coach as well.  If parents want to communicate with the swimmer, or have an emergency, please tell the coach and they’ll effectively communicate with the swimmer without disrupting practice.


Q: How do I know when my swimmer qualifies for a meet?

A: You will be emailed an invitation to all the different swim meets we attend. When you click on the link you will be asked to attend or decline. Please choose one, otherwise you will keep getting emails! When you click attend you will be asked to choose your swimmer's events. If the event times are in black your swimmer can attend, if the times are listed in red your swimmer cannot attend. Here are a few general rules for meets:

1.        Unclassified – ALL SWIMMERS!!!

2.        Meets in the beginning of the season (September – November) are typically available for all swimmers.

3.        Meets in the middle of the season (December – March) are typically for championship swimmers.

4.        ATTEND THE MEETS IN THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON!!! Or you may not have another opportunity.


Q: What is the difference between the groups?

A: The groups are progressively more intense and with longer and more strenuous practices.  To advance through the groups, the swimmers must demonstrate both physical and technical progress.  If your swimmer wants to advance please encourage them to talk to their coach and discuss the goals necessary to move up a group.


Q: What is required to be on the team?

A: To be in the Age Group, a swimmer is required to be able to swim 25m of freestyle with attempted side-breathing and without stopping.  Each group has different requirements as the levels progress.  The requirements are listed in the group descriptions on the website.


Q: Is there a way to try it out?

A: Of course!  Email the coaches and we can work with you and your swimmer to set up a week long trial period to make sure our team suits both you and your swimmer, and to figure out which group your swimmer best fits in.


Team Unify Billing System Information

All of your membership dues and meet fees will be handled through the Team Unify billing system. Read below to find out information about the Team Unify billing system and how it works.

Q:  When will I receive my bill?

A:  On the 1st of each month, an invoice is generated and added to your account.


Q:  What will be on my invoice?

A:  The invoice will include membership dues, meet fees, and occasionally other charges incurred during the month.


Q:  How will I know when I am billed?

A:  Our billing cycle runs on the 1st of each month, at that time all automatic charges will be applied to the bank account or credit card on file.  You may log into your account at anytime prior to the 1st of the month to view your upcoming invoice and projected charges.


Q:  Where can I find my bill?

A:  You will need to login to your account to view your invoice using your login email and password. You will receive these after completing registration.


Q:  What do I do if I have questions about my bill?

A:  Contact those listed below:

Brad Stogner (Treasurer) -

Carie Clements (Board President) –


Q:  How do I pay my bill?
    A:  You have 3 options to pay this invoice:


1) Automatically Charge Bank Account Each Month:

On the 1st of each month the amount on your invoice will be automatically deducted from your bank account. This is the COTA preferred method of payment to avoid credit card fees and keep as much dues money as possible here with the team.  If you prefer this method, you must set up the auto pay in your Team Unify account by following the Auto Pay Setup Instructions.  We will include these instructions in the email you receive after we approve your registration.


2) Automatically Charge Credit Card Each Month:

On the 1st of each month the amount on your invoice will be automatically charged to your credit card on file. If you prefer this method, you must set up the auto pay in your Team Unify account by following the Auto Pay Setup Instructions.  We will include these instructions in the email you receive after we approve your registration.


3) On demand Credit/Debit Card Payment?

You may also log into your account at any time and pay any dollar amount of your choosing.


Q:  Can I pay my bill by manual check?

A:  COTA does not currently accept manual checks for recurring billing.  This may be available on an exception basis, please contact if you have circumstances that require a manual check.