Meet Information

 Meet Prep and Information

1.  At the beginning of each season is the time to look over the upcoming long course or short course schedule and decide which meets you or your swimmer will attend. If you are not sure whether or not your swimmer should attend a meet, please ask his/her coach. Keep in mind that some meets have age/qualifying time restrictions that your swimmer may not qualify for.  Also, not all meets are listed on the South Texas website at the beginning of the season, so sometimes meets are listed with only a couple of weeks advance notice. Coaches will send out meet information as soon as it is available. Some meets have a limited number of swimmers and teams that can be accepted- be aware that it is possible that our team might not make it into a meet before it fills up. Coaches always try their best to send in meet entries as soon as possible so we have the best chances possible to make it into all of our planned meets. We apologize in advance for any instances in which we may not make it into a meet that we had hoped to attend.

2.  You can find current meets listed under the "EVENTS" tab. Use the "Edit Commitment" button to commit your athlete(s) and choose their events. If you are not sure which events to choose, please note which days of the meet you are able to attend and if you would only like your swimmer to swim a certain number of events. Meet fees are charged per event, so coaches want to be respectful of family budgeting if that is an issue. If your swimmer is in the Silver I, Silver II or Gold groups, he/she should expect to swim the maximum number of events per meet if possible.  

3.  Once your meet entries have been submitted, complete the billing process by placing a check in the black payment box located on the side of the wooden locker in the gear room at Abrams Pool. You can also submit your payment directly to the team Treasurer. *BE AWARE* that there are no refunds on meet entries, with the host team or with FHD, for any reason including weather or illness. Our team pays a lump sum to the host team several weeks in advance to the meet so once your events have been submitted, you should expect to pay for the events you signed up for, even if you cannot attend the meet. 

What to Take to Meets:


  • Towels - Realize your swimmer will be there all day sometimes, so pack at least two!
  • Folding chair or stadium seats for swimmers and spectators.
  • Over-the-suit clothing for in-between meets.
  • Games/music
  • Healthy snacks and drinks.
  • Meet Entry report, sharpie marker, pen, highlighter, enough money for a Heat Sheet (expect to pay up to $5).  

At the Meet:

1.     Remember to arrive at the pool BEFORE warm-up time is scheduled to begin. Swimmers should be ready to enter the water as soon as warm-ups open to ensure that he/she is able to complete the warm-up prior to the meet starting. This means that the swimmer should have already found a spot to put his/her belongings, swimsuit should be on, cap should be on, goggles ready, standing at the edge of the pool waiting for coach's instructions.

2.     As soon as Heat Sheets are available, buy one. Using you Meet Entry Report find your swimmer in the Heat Sheet and highlight each race.  You can also download "Meet Mobile" app on your smart phone to find some meet information (not all meets are listed on meet mobile) and results. *BE AWARE* that meet mobile does not always have the most up-to-date information regarding swimmers heats and lanes- Swimmers should ALWAYS check with a coach to double-check heat and lane assignments for every race. Swimmers/parents can use a sharpie marker to mark swimmer’s arm or leg with their Individual Event, Event #, Heat # and Lane #. This is especially helpful for younger swimmers. Older swimmers should be able to track their events without writing on their arms/legs.         


Event #







50 Free




100 Fly

3.  Swimmers should start moving toward their warm-up lanes at the direction of the coach.  Once the meet begins, parents need to keep track of the meet using the heat sheets. Swimmers will usually remain with the team and coaches.  Swimmers will report to the coach BEFORE & AFTER each event and will warm up and swim down as directed.   

Please do not hesitate to ask any other FHD parent for help or information! Meets are a lot of fun for the swimmers and their families.