Required Gear


Required Equipment for all Groups:

  • Swimsuit - should be a tight-fitting suit acceptable for intense swimming. Swimsuits should not fall off during vigorous activity, or create mass amounts of drag. Most "recreational" swimsuits do not fall into this category.
  • Water Bottle with WATER. Juice or sports drinks not recommended during practice.
  • Swim Cap - absolutely necessary for any swimmers with hair long enough to cover eyes/mouth. 
  • Goggles (encouraged to have a spare pair)
  • Kickboard
  • Pull Bouy
  • Fins with name written on them - the team has a few extra pairs but highly recommends buying your own pair.
  • Hand paddles - the team has a few pairs but recommends that Bronze II, Silver I, Silver II and Gold groups purchase their own pair.
  • Personal Swim Snorkel for both Silver 1 & 2 and Gold Groups.
  • Gear Bag with name on it.

Recommended Gear Brands:

Fins - "Sporti" Floating Swim Fins - use shoe size to determine appropriate fin size.

Hand Paddles - "Strokemaker" Hand Paddles - size guide found HERE

- or -  "Finis Agility Paddle"

Goggles - "Speedo Vanquisher" Goggle - recommended to have at least one pair of mirrored goggles for outdoor swimming at meets.

Goggle Strap - "Sporti Bungee Strap" - Highly recommended by coaches for fast and easy goggle adjusting.

Swimsuit - "Speedo Endurance" Brand - Highly recommended by coaches for long-lasting and high quality.

Items That Can Be Purchased Through FHD: 

Dolphins Cap (Silicon and Latex) *with name optional for extra charge

Dolphins Embroidered Towel

Dolphins T-shirt

Team Suit: Team Suit currently unavailable - team ordering information will be distributed by the Board.