Our swim team is composed of 2 Programs: Junior and High Performance.  


The Junior program is composed of three separate groups designed to educate the athlete on all four strokes. This is where the athletes lays a foundation for when they move into the High Performance program. 


Junior I: Kinesthetic Awareness

The primary objective for the Junior I group is to develop the skills involved in swimming by developing the freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers develop a "feel" for the water at they develop body control, leg propulsion, and stable movement patterns. We emphasize the need for swimmers to have fun while training in a safe controlled atmosphere. Improvement in the water correlates with physical growth and development during this time of their lives. By the time they progress out of this phase the basics of freestyle and backstroke technique should be well in hand, and they should be ready to begin the next level of training. 

Junior II: Motor Pattern Development

The Primary objective for the Junior II group is reinforcement of the skills they have developed while in the Junior I group. This helps build the foundation they need for future performances and ensure proper motor pattern develop. They key to ensure this is consistency. Advanced components such as dives, streamlines and flip turns are introduced as Junior II swimmers are encouraged to compete in 6 swim meets a year. 

Junior III: Technical Development

When a swimmer progresses in the Junior III group, they will notice an increased expectation from the coach to work harder and represent Lone Star Aquatics in competition. The physical demands of training take center stage as volume and intensity increase at a much faster rate. A greater amount of time and effort is placed in developing the short axis strokes (Breast and Fly). Technique work and fine-tuning is essential for this group, as swimmers are trained mastering the most acute points of swimming. Junior III swimmers are also encouraged to compete in 6 meets a year. 

High Performance 


The High Performance Program develops the swimmer into a top level competitor through intensive pool training, diet and nutritional counseling, and strength training outside of the pool.


Senior: Learning to Achieve

Swimmers at this level feel further demands as athlete in this group are required to train 5 days a week. Practices become more specific and additional emphasis is placed on performance criteria for practice and meets. The program becomes more individualized and swimmers are expected to accept responsibility for their improvement. Senior swimmers compete in more than 6 meets a year. 

Elite: Mastery of Sport

The Elite Swim program represents our top training group and only the prominent, committed swimmers are allowed to train in this group. This is the highest level of training at Lone Star Aquatic Club and only our most prominent and committed 11 and older swimmers train in this group.  



Training Programs

Group Days/Times Level Monthly Dues Training Objective  Emphasis

Junior 1




Kinesthetic Awareness


Junior 2

4:00pm - 5:00pm
5:00pm - 6:00pm



Motor Pattern Development

Physical and Social Development

Junior 3

4:00pm - 5:00pm
5:00pm - 6:00pm



Technical Proficiency

Aerobic Development


5:00pm - 6:30pm



Meet Preparation

IM Efficency


6:00pm - 8:30pm



Sport Mastery

College Preparation