How We Train



 Lone Star Aquatic Club is a team built upon its commitment to its Core Values. Our team is a close-knit family that shares a common commitment to excellence through competitive swimming.  Our program progressively promotes integrity, teamwork, and self-discovery. From an early age our athletes are taught the fundamentals of being a competitive athlete and what it means to be a righteous teammate.  
Our Core Values are instilled and reinforced daily, in order to teach our athletes how to draw strength and support from each other. This in turn builds a culture of excellence. After all, our vigor doesn't come from our individual performances but the support we have from our teammates and our families. 

Our Coaches are experts in the sport of swimming and we incorporate training methods that are derived from years of research and application. We incorporate both Progressive and Traditional modes of training into our program and avoid training fads that are anecdotal and unreliable. We are committed to providing the highest level of training possible for all our athletes and we want our athletes to understand the significance of hard work and the power of confidence. We emphasize the importance of effort and goal setting and use swimming as a vehicle to encourage athletes to be the best they can be. We take pride in our swimmers and assume responsibility in educating each and everyone as much as possible.


During the course of a swim season, our athletes prime themselves through three separate phases.

  • General: to develop metabolic capacity  
  • Preparatory: to increase muscular strength and endurance 
  • Specific: to practice and sharpen competition-specific technique and improve efficiency 

We embrace traditional ideas, and continue to create and implement new ones. We're experienced, creative, inquisitive and experts in our fields.   We understand that no athlete is built the same so not all .


 Training Principles


  • One size does not fit all
  • No "set" Ideas
  • Self discovery is a result of physical effort
  • Never Train to Failure 
  • What you do in practice doesn't always translate to what you do in competition.
  • What works today doesn't mean it will work tomorrow
  • Over-training is a result of under recovery 

Traditional swim programs train under the premise that the more one trains the faster one gets. The primary concern for our coaches is how do we translate what we do in practice to what we do in competition. Our coaches are trained to keep up with modern research on physiology and progressive training concepts so that we can ensure our swimmers are getting the best training possible.