L U C A S     A L V E S 

Head Coach: Silver, Diamond 


Lucas Alves swam and learned to coach for Space City Aquatics Team for 5 years. After several successful years of developing Age Group swimmers for TAGS, Lucas moved to San Francisco to finish school. He created, coached and swam for his college swim team. He then landed at Chinatown YMCA creating a successful U.S. Masters team that he coached for 4 years and is still thriving today. Lucas is now a personal trainer and sports nutritionist bringing all his skills and beliefs to swimming to make swimmers of all ages and level a great well-rounded athlete. Lucas is a firm believer in goal setting and hard (but fun) work; through that anybody can be anything they want!

His favorite events are 200 Breaststroke and 200 IM.

O S C A R     C A S T I L L O  

Assistant Coach: Platinum, Gold 2