Groups Flow Chart


Group Structure 2017-18

Welcome to the AAAA-NE 2017-18 Short Course Season.  To our new members I want to say welcome and to our returning members welcome back! 

You will find posted on the website both the group structure chart and the group time standards.  The group structure chart begins at the base with the  developmental groups.  If you click on each group, you will find the time standards required to be considered for each group.  In addition to the age and time standards all our athletes will be evaluated on their stroke skills, attendance, attitude, and effort as part of the group placement process.  There will also be a series of test sets that have to be met, and potentially a tryout period with the group that your child is being considered for.  We will also take into account when the athlete’s birthday occurs.  Those that “age up” in October or earlier may be considered for an older group based on their skill level and performance.  While those born November or later will be placed with their current age group.  As stated in the parent guide, a minimum of 4 time standards must be achieved to be considered for a group.  After achieving the time standards, the group coaches will then discuss and determine the best placement for the athlete and if necessary arrange a tryout time for the group in question.  

Our group structure chart shows that our athletes can enter the program from novice to intermediate to highly skilled and have the opportunity to advance to the top of our program.  I would like to conclude by wishing all of you the best for the upcoming short course season.

Coach Walker 


Click on Groups Titles at bottom of page to see time standards for each group