Meet Job Descriptions

Swim Meet Job Descriptions

Below are some basic guidelines for positions that are typically available at hosted meets.  You are responsible to complete your entire session that you are working.  Even if your swimmer has completed their events, you still are required to stay until the shift ends or you won't receive credit for your session. 

**MEET Coordinator** - This is a very important position, you are working closely with both Terry Vetters and Coach BJ (these are the typical two leads).  Ensure all positions are filled, find back ups if needed.  Check in with Service Desk to make sure everyone has checked in.  Rotate between Hospitality and Concessions to make sure food, coffee, drinks, money ect is available.  Please make sure all timers understand they are to stay for the entire session, make sure the runners provide them refreshments.  Be the point person for keys to concessions and any questions that may come up.  Must stay around the pool deck and be ready when they call for timers to make sure all "checked in" timers report to their chairs.  

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One worker will need to obtain a cash box from Coach K (aka Coach Nabil, 1604 HS Navy coach).  You will have to find him, normally in the warm up area or offices

Count cash at the beginning and end of the day.

Use the Ipad for all sales 

Terry Vetters or the lead lifeguard will open up concessions for you.

Do not take anything larger than a 20$ bill

Return money to Coach K at the end of prelims and finals, no money should stay in concessions.

If you are running out of change, please let coach K know early so they can get change from the safe or bank if necessary. 

Stock drinks in fridge and ice down drinks

Let the concessions lead know if you are running low on food items

Extra cups, lids, napkins ect are in the concessions closet at the outside pool 

Coffee goes quick! Prep coffee for the AM if you are closing 

Timers: You must time for the entire session. You may not ask for a relief timer, you will not receive credit for your session.  Check in and out with the head timer. You are responsible for operating the stopwatch to record a swimmer's time on the timer sheet.  These times are used as a back-up time in case the touch pads of the Colorado Timing system do not function properly.  There are 2 timers per lane.  One timer must write both stopwatch times on the record sheet.  Timers must verify swimmers name prior to stepping up on the block.

Head Timer: Check all timers in and out.  If someone leaves early they will not receive credit for their shift. Responsible for maintaining two working stopwatches and starting at the beginning of each heat.  If a timers stopwatch fails, head timer will replace with their stopwatch.  

Runners: Responsible for posting results, assist with distribution of waters and snacks to timers (obtained from hospitality) and any other jobs the officials require. Run results to ribbons room if ribbons award.

Ribbons: Responsible for getting the award labels from the computer person or the runner and placing them on the correct ribbon and filed with each time.  Ribbons positions typically last 30 minutes after the conclusion of the meet. 

Heat Sheet Sales: If seeing, typically performed at the concession stand, will sell heat sheets for a predetermined amount.  You will need to obtain a cash box from Coach Nabil (AKA Coach K) - this is the coach typically responsible for cash flow. 

Hospitality: Work in the hospitality area to provide meals for coaches and officials between meet sessions, helps with set up and breakdown. Will deliver drinks to the timers and officials.

Marshal: Safety marshals will be on deck to enforce the safety guidelines and warm up procedures. The marshals should report to the Meet Referee after checking in and receive instructions from them. Marshals have the authority to remove any swimmer or coach from the deck for the remainder of the warm up session if found to be in violation of these procedures.  Monitors safety on the pool deck, ensures swimmers are entering feet first in the warm up pool and no horse playing allowed.  Will report any injuries to the life guard on deck.  Will typically work in either corner of the pool deck to ensure parents to not enter the deck. Assigned in warm up pool or walk the pool deck as assigned.