NS Swim Center


Northside Swim Center 

8400 N Loop 1604 W

San Antonio, Texas 78249


Aquatics Director: Scott Zolinski 

Aquatics Coordinator: Derek Howorth

Aquatics Coordinator: Tony Plummer

Diving Coordinator: Kristin Libardoni

​Safety Coordinator: Ron Kontura

Facilities Manager:  Terry Vetters


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Pool Rules

  • All children must be potty trained.  No diapers or swim diapers allowed.

  • If you hear a whistle, look at the lifeguards. Lifeguards blow their whistles to get someone's attention—possibly yours. The lifeguards will correct anything that is deemed unsafe or inappropriate.

  • Walk on the pool deck at all times. The deck is concrete and can get extremely hot.

  • Always enter feet first. (Diving is only permitted from diving boards.)

  • An adult must accompany any non-swimming child in the water (even if the child has a flotation device). Hold the child in front of you, not on your shoulders or back.

  • Lap lane lines are for lap swimmers only.

The diving boards can only be used with permission—always follow the coach or lifeguard’s instructions:

​•Platforms are not open to the public.

​•Non-swimmers may not use the diving board. Adults may not catch a child off  the boards. 

•Only one person on the board at a time, including ladder. 

•Walk on the boards at all times. 

•Only forward dives are permitted. 

•Only one bounce permitted.

• ump straight off the end of the board. 

•Look before you leap. 

•Swim to the wall in a timely manner. 

•Lap lanes are for lap swimmers only.