Team Fees & Dues

2017-18 Fee Schedule & Dues Policy

The swim year begins September 5, ends July 31 and is comprised of two seasons: the Short Course season runs September through March, immediately followed by the Long Course season which starts in April and runs through July.   


Registration Fees:

WAVE Registration Fee (Annual September-July)   $80    
USA Swimming Fee (Annual September-July)   $78    

Each swimmer joining the WAVE must pay an $80.00 non-refundable WAVE registration fee at the time of application.  A family with three (3) or more swimmers will pay a maximum of $185.00 for all swimmers in the family.   In addition, each swimmer must pay a $78.00 non-refundable USA swimming application fee at the time of application.  There is no family discount for the USA Swimming application. (NOTE: Swimmers joining for long course season only may pay a reduced registration fee and USA Swimming fee as noted above.)


Monthly Dues:

Freshman 3 $85 per month
Freshman 2 $95 per month
Freshman 1 $110 per month
Junior 3 $115 per month
Junior 2 $115 per month
Junior 1 $120 per month
Senior 2 $120 per month
Senior 1 $130 per month


FAMILY DISCOUNTSAvailable for families with three (3) or more swimmers.  The two family members with the highest dues rate will pay the full dues rate and the additional family member(s) will pay half (1/2) of the published dues.

SINGLE PAYMENT INCENTIVE:   If you opt to pay your full Swimming Year dues up front for September thru July (short course and long course season) at the time of registration in August, the WAVE will waive one month of dues for your swimmer(s).   Terms:  Full payment must be made by September 1.  No refund is available for swimmer(s) leaving the team prior to the conclusion of the long course season.


Payment Obligations: (PLEASE READ)

It is the policy of the San Antonio Wave that any member who participates in any training activity and/or swim meets during a calendar month must pay the full dues for that month.  Monthly payments of swimmers dues and any meet fees incurred are due on the first (1st) of each month.  Invoices are emailed to members on the 24th of the month prior. (Example:  You will receive an email with your invoice on August 24th for dues and fees that are due on September 1st.)  

PAYMENT METHOD: We are pleased to offer the convenience and security of ACH Debit and Credit Card Auto Pay for monthly dues and meet fees. Personal checks and/or mailed payments are not accepted. In the event a credit card charge is denied due to an expired card, etc., a $5 fee will be charged to your account.

MEET ENTRY FEES: WAVE member meet entry fees are set for each meet depending upon the Meet Host's fees and include a Splash Fee for the San Antonio Wave which helps to defray the cost of sending coaches to the meet.  You will be notified of available Meets by email and on the team website, and you will select events for your swimmer electronically through your member website account.  Dues must be current with no past due balance in order for your swimmer to be entered in a swim meet.  Meet fees are charged at the beginning of the month following your electronic entry of events for the meet. 

LATE FEES AND SWIMMER PENALTY: If full payment on the account is not received by the 10th of the month, a $20 Late Fee will be charged to the account. If payment has not been received by the 15th of the month, the swimmer's coach will be notified and the swimmer will not be allowed to practice until the account has been brought current.

CHANGE OF STATUS / LEAVING THE TEAM:  It is the responsibility of the WAVE member to promptly submit an online Withdrawal form notifying the WAVE Bookkeeper, of any change in status including temporarily or permanently withdrawing from the team.  It is the policy of the San Antonio Wave that a thirty (30) day notice must be given for any change of status.  If 30 day notice is not given, the member will be responsible for payment of all dues and fees for 30 days after notice is given, regardless of when the swimmer actually leaves the team.

A swimmer may temporarily leave the team and hold their spot in their group for up to two consecutive months by submitting the online HOLD request form and by paying 50% of the monthly dues for the month(s) on hold.

Most importantly, we value our WAVE members and swimmers and are always willing to work with members regarding payments or financial issues.  If you feel your invoice is incorrect or there is an issue regarding dues, payments, etc., please email our WAVE Bookkeeper at  and she will be happy to try and help you resolve the issue.