Donations & Help

Dear Friend,


I’m writing to you on behalf of the Monterey County Aquatic Team/Salinas Valley Aquatics (MCAT/SVA), an amazing and respected organization that provides year-round programming for kids and adults.  Our focus is on swim lessons, water safety, competitive swimming for kids, and programming for adult health and fitness.  We’ve been successfully serving the community for more than 25 years.  In order to continue as a viable non-profit organization, we find ourselves needing your help.    


In June 2010, the City of Salinas selected MCAT/SVA to manage and operate the Salinas Aquatic Center rather than to close it due to budgetary shortfalls.  As a result, we have maintained all City programming and added more lap and recreational swim hours.  More importantly, we’ve expanded youth programming as a safe alternative for vulnerable kids who fall prey to poor choices and sometimes gang activity.  Despite our ongoing efforts to belt-tighten and fund raise, we still need significant dollars to cover increased costs for sponsorship of high-risk, low-income youth and to keep the pool open for recreational use by the community.


MCAT/SVA annually supports the following:  1800+ kids from the community in swim lessons; 120 kids on our USA Swimming™ competition team, 30 to 40 college and high school students in summer swim (lifeguard & instructors) jobs, and four professionally certified swim coaches. 


Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children age 14 and under.  For underprivileged children, learning to swim is a luxury their families cannot afford.  MCAT/SVA saves lives by offering swim and water safety lessons for all ages.  Our organization also offers a well established and successful competition swim team.  We have numerous kids participating in one or both, all sponsored by generous donors.  We would like to offer more kids these opportunities.  Many are waiting to hear if they have a sponsor.


What your dollars can mean to us:

ü  Sponsorship of one high-risk, low-income child for eight swim lessons, $89.

ü  Sponsorship of a high-risk, low-income child for our swim team for a year, $1,500. 

ü  Purchase of suits for the kids in the high-risk, low-income swim program, $5,000.

ü  Leased water time for 120 kids on our swim team, $7,000.

ü  Leased water time for our Swim America™ water safety program, $10,000.

ü  Purchase of team caps, $800. 

ü  Sponsorship of area elementary school swim safety lessons $5,000 per school. 

ü  Free swim camp (spring break or summer) for "at risk" kids, 20,000.

ü  Monthly utility/maintenance bill, $7,500.


The suggested amounts may seem beyond reach, but I’m confident we can reach our goal of continuing to serve the community.  Whether you make a $20 or $200 contribution, every dollar will mean a great deal to our organization, to our dedicated swimmers and coaches, and more importantly, to the under-served and at-risk youth of Salinas.

Please make your check payable to MCAT/SVA.  Your donation in any amount is 100% tax-deductible.  Our 501(c)3 tax ID is 942451852.  Checks can be mailed or delivered to 1 East Bernal Dr., Salinas CA, 93906.  Our organization mission statement and programming information can be found at


For more information, please contact me at your convenience.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity.  


Very Sincerely,


Dia C. Rianda

Head Coach and Aquatics Director

Salinas Valley Aquatics Inc.