Competitive Swim



Swimmers who can swim 25 yards of both Free Style and Back Stroke. This level is to expose young swimmers to a structured athletic program. We are interested in developing stroke skills. At this level practicing the stroke correctly is more important then speed. Becoming Fast can be FUN !!. This group meet 3 days a week for one hour each day. There is a Fish 5 group that practices 5 days a week for 1 hour. Talk to the coach to see if your swimmer is ready for this group if you are interested.
Correct stroke technique is more important then speed
80% is Technique 20% conditioning
Becoming fast can be fun !
Practice distances are 25’s , 50’s Max 100’s
Majority of practice are not sets
Swimmers are strongly encouraged to participate in ‘Fun Meets’ and County ‘BC’ meets
Swimmers who has developed 'basic skills' in all four strokes and shows the willingness to progress more.
50% stroke work 50% conditioning
Sets 50’s to 200’s
{If stroke is wrong distance is too long}
Begin goal setting
We refine technique to let the swimmer see if they want to go to the next level
Swimming is fun but sometimes its work
Sharks This is thee first group where Training and conditioning makes up the majority of the training session. Swimmers are expected to make most of the practices. Saturday practices are added. Technique is required and refined. Swimmers are expected to be working to and achieving JO times.
This group is more focused on maintenance then on development. Good for swimmers who swam high school and are out of season swimmers. Not looking to work as hard as the advanced groups but not wanting to loose what they have gained. For High School age swimmers who have the skill but do not have the time or interest ’yet’ for the harder training of the higher groups For younger swimmers who have the skill but do not have the time or interest yet for the harder training of the higher groups
This group has demonstrated an ability to swim the strokes correctly and has a desire to go further.
This group is where we are beginning to expose swimmers to harder work. ........Just Showing up is not enough. You must be willing to work .
This group in the North Miami Swim Team program is designed for more advanced swimmers who have developed basic swimming proficiencies and are ready to make more of a commitment to the sport. A desire to improve and a willingness to take the steps necessary for competitive progress are expected of all athletes in this group. As swimmers progress through this group, they are encouraged to make more of a commitment to swimming prior advancing to the Advanced and/or Senior group. Swimmers need to be competent in all four competitive strokes and should have the aerobic capacity to handle interval training. Proper stroke technique is emphasized along with speed work, interval training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Other training includes:

• Goal setting and individual training progressions are developed further
• Dry land and stretching exercises
• Race plans and strategies
• Nutritional considerations for maximum performances and life long wellness considerations
• Teaching the importance of a positive mental attitude; positive self-concept and self-esteem.
• Importance of regular practice habits
• Evaluating progress in monthly competitions
• Providing cultural experiences in a team environment
• Videotape analysis performed and scheduled swimmer/coach conferences held to discuss goal setting, motivation, improvement, etc
This group is for dedicated swimmers between the age of 13 and 19, and selected swimmers ages 10 to13. Group members must have demonstrated the ability to train IM and distance freestyle, well. The swimmers in this group must be committed to training and be willing to strive toward the highest levels of competition. Swimmers will also be expected to show commitment and dedication to both individual and TEAM performances. Positive attitude and extensive leadership skills are qualities that Group members will exude.
Two hour practices are designed for swimmers with complex training methods introduced and increased use of the pace clock and interval training. Highly advanced drills and stroke correction directives are given. The focus of this group is continued aerobic fitness development, race pacing and stroke tempo. Swimmers learn training techniques for sprint, middle-distance, and distance disciplines. An increased intensity is required to gain the benefits of total body conditioning with an emphasis in aerobic training. Dry land training and lactate tolerance drills are given and reinforced. Psychological training is emphasized, as well as communication with team coaches concerning training. Advanced training for competition, stretching, and a wide range of dry land exercises including some weight training will be predominant throughout the season. Progress through commitment in our motto! Nutrition and strength improvements are also a concern. Videotape analysis and scheduled swimmer-coach conferences reinforce goal setting, motivation, and improvement.
Commitment to practice schedule
For swimmers who have chosen this sport with a commitment to achieve.
Skill alone is not enough, there must be the needed attitude.
For those swimmer who have the skill or the commitment but do not have both yet but are willing to develop them to reach the" National Level of Competition"
80% Conditioning 20% Stroke Technique
This is the top level of the North Miami Swim Team program. This group requires the most commitment in regard to time and effort. Swimmers who are part of this group are looking to move to the highest point on our sport. They are willing to train at a higher level than before and are committed to achieve high goals.
Working with the head coach, swimmers will make short and long term practice and competition goals. The training focus will be designed specifically around the events and distances that the swimmer will work towards.
The Masters team swims a quality amount of 1500 and 4000 meters, on average, per practice, increasing or decreasing mileage depending on individual’s goals. Several 90-minute sessions are offered a few times per week (please, check the official schedule), but swimmers are also welcome to just swim laps on their own. Competitive swim meets are offered.  A grace period (no dues) is offered for the first three practices. This is team policy to insure that a Masters swimming program is right for you.
There is, of course, no attendance requirement but you will find every level of skill from the casual to the die-hard athlete. There are many types of masters swimmers including: beginner swimmers, fitness swimmers, tri-athletes, open water competitors, and swimmers wanting to compete against men and women their own age from all levels.
For more information on North Miami Swim Team, please contact NMST  swim office at (305 ) 793-2600