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Charlotte County Swimming - Blue Fins

Whether your goal is to compete on a national and international level or you are just seeking an opportunity to stay in shape and meet new friends, the CCS Blue Fins is the team for you.  CCS is a competitive swim team for swimmers ages 5-18+. 

CCS is founded on the belief that a child’s involvement in competitive swimming offers and exciting opportunity and an invaluable experience in his or her life; one that will help shape athletes as both competitors and individuals. 

 It is the mission of Charlotte County Swimming to provide the youth of our community with a high quality USA Swimming club and to promote the sport of competitive swimming in our area. We will create the opportunity for swimmers of all levels to develop mind, body, character and spirit and achieve the highest levels of personal growth as well as achievement in the sport. 

As a member of CCS, a swimmer will have the opportunity to develop a work ethic and healthy sense of competition that together can provide the backbone for success in the pool, the classroom, and beyond.

Groups                                                                     Description

Tiny Blue Fins (ages 5-9)                         Intro group emphasizing the basic fundamentals of all 4 strokes. Novice competition encouraged.
Junior Blue Fins I (ages 7-12)               Intro/intermediate group emphasizing refinement of all 4 strokes, starts & turns and introduction of racing strategies. Regular competition opportunities offered.
Junior Blue Fins II (ages 8-13)            The highest age-group training level designed for the junior group. Emphasis on refinement of all 4 strokes, starts & turns, endurance training, goal setting, and introduction of advanced racing strategies. Regular competition required.
Senior Blue Fins I (ages 13 & over)     Initial senior training level designed for swimmers 13 & over. Emphasis on teaching and refining the 4 competitive strokes, starts & turns, and introduction of racing strategies. Competition encouraged.           
Senior Blue Fins II (ages 13 & over)    Senior training level designed for swimmers ages 13 & over. Emphasis on refinement of all 4 strokes, starts & turns, advanced racing strategies, and goal setting. Endurance training required and regular competition highly encouraged.

Summer League (all ages)                     The Summer League Team is for swimmers that just participate in the summer months.  The swimmers will be placed in the appropriate groups according to age and ability.  This group is encouraged to participate in meets that are offered during the summer months.