Border LSC Partners
LSC Officers & Committees

Board of Directors

Title Name Email
General Chair Jim Holcomb
Administrative Vice-Chair Steve Wilson
Senior Vice-Chair Gus Viveros
Safety Coordinator Michele Key
Age-Group Vice-Chair Manny Gardea
Technical Planning Chair Ruben Pallares
Secretary Hadley Huchton-Bernhard
Registration Chair/Membership Cindy Crane
Treasurer Cindy Crane
Officials Chair John Bernhard
Coach Representative    
Athlete Representative    
Athlete Representative    
Athlete Representative    

House of Delegates

Title Name Email
Equipment Coordinator Tony Palomino
Sanctions Chair Pete Dunavant
Records Chair Cindy Crane
Diversity Chair Manny Gardea
Masters Swimming Don Mehl
BAT Team Representative Bob Sellers
BLAST Team Representative Alfonso Ruiz del Hoyo
DSSC Team Representative Ruben Pallares
RAST Team Representative Gus Viveros
EPAP Team Representative Todd Roberts
JCAT Team Representative Cecilia Morado
SWAT Team Representative Adrian Slater
WETT Team Representative Jan Hirschi


Technical Planning                                            Responsible for long-range planning for the swimming programs conducted by BD and for advice regarding the technical aspects of those. Ruben Pallares
Pete Dunavant                
Diversity & Inclusion   encourage and support greater diversity & inclusion in BD Swimming membership and programs Manny Gardea
Zones/TX Select

determine what camp/competitions are offered each year and locations; propose which Border should participate in; create budget and determine participant contribution; create protocol for selection of athletes; advertise opportunities to teams; solicit coaching staff and chaperones; determine team merchandise to be supplied - design and purchase

Border Athlete Awards & Scholarships  

announce competition and publish applications for the annual awards; receive and process applications; serve as or create a judging panel; order awards; communicate with recipients; communicate with schools for scholarships destination; coordinate award presentation event

Hadley Huchton-Bernhard
Gus Viveros
Budget & Audit 

annual audit of books; create budget for expenditures using previous years data and soliciting financial needs from standing committees; create protocol for approval of purchases and travel; create reimbursement protocol.

Cindy Crane
Hadley Huchton-Bernhard
Border Champs Meet

create meet format and invitation, and build meet; publish meet; determine assignment of meet director; create team task assignments

Border Meet Awards

maintain inventory of Border meet awards; select and order ribbons, medals, trophies and plaques for Border Champs events

Equipment  inventory equipment and maintain inventory list;  develop protocol for renting and use of equipment; create inventory checklist; label all storage bins; create format/protocol for packing trailer; publish pictures and diagrams of packed trailer; identify storage locations of all equipment and supplies; identify process to replenish needed supplies; develop usage report and responsibilities