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KENTUCKY Swimming - TOP 20 TIMES (updated 02-11-2020)   

The Top 20 Times reports are generated using the SWIMS database from USA Swimming. The SWIMS database is NOT immediately updated on Monday after a swim meet. Different LSC's take different amounts of time to submit their results to the database. KY Top Times are generally updated on Wednesday but that does not mean that all times will be in the SWIMS database since other LSC's might take longer to submit their results. If your team attended a meet that is not on the list, please have your COACH email the TM Results file to so it can be added.  

Age On 3/13/2020

Times Since 3/07/2019 thru 03/08/2020

Age on 7/19/2019

Times Since 7/5/2018 thru 7/12/2019


Meets List to date (02-11-2020)


FINAL STANDINGS (thru 8-31-19)

6 & Under Girls and Boys

10&U Girls and Boys

7-8 Girls and Boys

11-12 Girls and Boys

9-10 Girls and Boys

13-14 Girls and Boys

11-12 Girls and Boys

15&O Girls and Boys

13-14 Girls and Boys

15-18 Girls and Boys

15 & Over Girls and Boys


15-18 Girls and Boys

















Current SCY Season Times Since 09/01/2019 (Age up 03/13/2020)02-11-2020

6 & Under





15 & over


* Age listed represents the age of the swimmer when the time was achieved.

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