New Official Info

NEW OFFICIAL CHECKLIST How to Become a Stroke & Turn Official - Updated 1/8/2020
Click Here for printable checklist  
Send all apprentice forms to Becky Gilpatrick -

Attend New Stroke & Turn Clinic

(Please submit all membership documents to the Kentucky Swimming officie,

USA Swimming Non-Athlete Membership Application  (PDF)

  • Once certified, complete and sign membership application. Contact club officials' representative for instructions on submission and payment

  • Some teams submit and provide payment.Check with your Officials’ Rep or Coach 

Complete Background Check

  • You have 60 days to complete the Background Check on the website.After this time, you will not be able to apprentice until after the Background Check has been completed.

  • Background Check procedure can be found on the Officials page on the website.

  • There is a fee to complete the Background Check.

Complete Athlete Protection Training

  • You have 60 days to complete the Athlete Protection Training

  • You will not be able to apprentice until after the Athlete Protection Training has been completed.

  • Athlete Protection Training procedure can be found on the Officials page on the website.

Concussion Protocol Training (CPT) All non-athlete coach and official members must complete CPT by January 1, 2020

(Please submit all officials certification documents to Becky Gilpatrick,

View USA Swimming Instruction Video

  • NOTE: Rule change not found in video – hands stacked at the touch in breaststroke and butterfly

Take Certification Stroke and Turn/Timer test

  • Take on-line at can download the Rules and Regulations PDF, located on the About tab)

  • Go to; set up an account and log-in

  • Select MEMBER RESOURCES from the menu at top of page, then select OFFICIALS

  • From the Official’s page, select TESTING & CERTIFICATION from the menu on left

  • Select ONLINE OFFICIALS TEST from menu on left

  • Follow instructions to sign-in; download Timing Judge Test Chart


Apprentice 4 Sessions

  • Inform Meet Referee of your intention to apprentice, contact info found in the meet information

  • Attend stroke briefing 30 minutes prior to each session – SIGN IN

  • MUST have Apprentice Verification Form filled out for each session

  • Appentice with various ages/levels of swimmers

  • Wear white top, khaki bottoms, white shoes

  • Submit completed Apprentice Verification Form

  • Keep a copy for yourself

  • Scan or take a photo and email to Officials’ Chair, Becky Gilpatrick,

Join KYOFFICIALS YAHOO email group

Receive Credentials 

  • Download and print officials card from personal Deck Pass account at

  1.  Go to
  2. Click Sign in at top right hand of site
  3. If you do not have an account, click on the blue Register Signup button and complete registration and sign in
  4. If you have an account, sign in
  5. On the right-hand side of site, at the top ribbon, click on My Account
  6. Under USA Membership Link, select what is relevant to you then click on the blue Link My Account to USA Swimming Membership >
  7. Enter your name and date of birth (If the system cannot find you, please email There is an issue matching your information with your USAS membership information.)
  8. Download the Deck Pass app on your phone or other device
  9. Set up account – Under Account Settings, click the Link Membership Account button
  • Kentucky Swimming Official Certification Card (INDICATES you are a certified official)
  • Can also be downloaded on Officials Tracking System (OTS) at

Display Credentials

  • Wear all credentials when on deck

Timely Completion - Complete entire process in 1 calendar year


  • KYLSC.ORG Officials page.New Official Info found on dropdown menu

  • USASWIMMING.ORG – member resources > officials

  • Other officials

  • The “Professional” Stroke & Turn

    • Found on the USA Swimming website under Education and Training Resources

    • Guide to Officiating, Chaper 5 Stroke & Turn

      • Found on the USA Swimming website under Education and Training Resources.

      • Instructions for OTS found on > member resources > officials > officials tracking system > scroll to bottom and click on OTS User Guide: Officials