Certification Information

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Recertification Requirements:  (see orange chart above)

Requirements for recertification are listed above per position. Requirements only need to be met for the highest level of certification.  All other positions will renew with the highest level. (* see below for admin exceptions) The session/meet requirements need to be met yearly.  Recertification tests only need to be taken once every two years. 

* Administrative Officials/Referees need to renew their highest level of administrative certification AND their highest level of wet side certification.  Example: AR's and MR's need to take the AR recertification test and the DR recertification test. 

New Certification Requirements: (see green chart above for prerequisites)

NEW  Requirements (also see blue chart above) NEW  Apprentice Forms
 It is not required that Computer Operators or  Timing System Operators be certified.  
The materials have been written  to help train your operators.  
  Click here for a description of Administrative Positions.

The National Officials Certification Program is administered by the USA Swimming Officials Committee. Its primary goal is to expand the education of officials through mentoring, participation and evaluation as well recognizing those officials who have demonstrated their knowledge of swim officiating at each level and position. Click here for more information. 

Certification at any level requires a combination of several things including evaluations, local participation at meets, continuing education, and the training and mentoring of other officials. Contact the SC-LSC National Evaluation Liaison with any questions.  Click here for Officials Committee page.