Age-Group Select Camp

Age-Group Select Camp


September 14-16, 2018

Greenville County Recreation Center


Camp Director: Chris Wolford (Sports Performance Director)



Andy Hwang (CAT), Francisco M Rego (TG), Raymond Balint (CS),

Brian Heaton (AAYM), Dawn Walker (FAST), Johnny Thonn (TG)

Chaperones: Elizabeth Ransford (SMRT),




Special Guest Coach

Rachel Komisarz-Baugh

South Carolina Swimming is pleased to announce Rachel Komisarz-Baugh as our special guest coach for this year's Age-Group Select Camp.  Rachel won 16 international medals for the U.S.   This includes a gold and silver medal in the 2004 Olympic Games.  

Rachel went on to have a successful coaching career as an assistant coach at the University of Louisville and the Head Coach at Ohio University.  

We are excited to have Rachel with us for this great camp.





2018 Qualifiers

11 YO Girls


Caroline Byers

Teagan McEnroe

Cecilia Ford

Julia Reed

Isabella Sarvis

Ellery Bracall

11 YO Boys


Oliver Stull

Lincoln Council

Brayden Franklin

Eliasz Ndubuisi

Zander Caldwell

Owen Fritts

12 YO Girls


Noel Siudut

Katie Grace Vandergrift

Anna Kate Halligan

Avery Frece

Hayden Penny

Eva Tzouvelekas

12 YO Boys


Devin Council

Charlie Green

Carson Owens

Emmanuel Gadson

Jared Allison

Justin Hafner

13 YO Girls


Delaney Franklin

Lilli Hilt

Anna Buchert

Sammy Kraft

Gardner Anne Viney

Liinnea Ransford

13 YO Boys


Nick Bracall

Alden Ihrig

Jake Prevatte

Darden Tate

Rhett Norris

Adam Weaver

14 YO Girls


Kirsti McEnroe

Kendal Chunn

Mary Kate Farrell

Jill Smiley

Katilyn Golyski

Halle Schart

14 YO Boys


Nils Bognar

Colin Jordan

Britt Cantrell

Joshua Tomlin

Evan Otten

Bailey Eichhorn


Selection Process

Using the SWIMS database, the Age Group Committee and the Sports Performance Director will identify the top 6 swimmers in each single age group from ages 11-14 using Long Course IMX Scores through the LC State Meet.  

These swimmers will be invited to Age Group Select Camp. If a swimmer declines the invitation, the swimmer with the next highest IMX score will be invited to the camp.  


Events Used for IMX Scores


11-12   500 FR   100 BK   100 BR   100 FL   200 IM


13-14    500 FR   200 BK   200 BR    200 FL  200 IM   400 IM






Tentative Itinerary

Friday - September 14, 2018


5:30-6:00pm            Camp Check-in 

6:00-5:30pm            Introductions    

6:30-8:30pm            Swim               

8:30-9:00pm            Return to Hotel             

9:00-9:45pm            Intro Meeting/Camp Rules

10:00pm                 Lights Out



Saturday – September 15, 2018


6:00-6:30am             Breakfast         

6:30-7:00am              Travel to Pool

7:00-9:30am              Swim

10:00-11:00am          Classroom Session

11:00-12:00pm          Classroom Session

12:00-1:30pm            Lunch Break

1:30-2:30pm             Classroom Session

3:00-3:30pm             Return to Pool

3:30-4:30pm             Dryland Training

4:30-6:30pm             Swim

7:00-8:00pm             Dinner

8:00-8:30pm             Training Recap

9:30pm                     Lights Out



Sunday – September 16, 2018


7:00-7:30am               Breakfast

8:00-11:00am             Swim

11:15-12:00pm           Classroom Session

12:00-1:00pm             Parent & Swimmers Meeting

1:00pm                      Release campers

* Drop off & pick up will occur at the Greenville County Aquatic Center