South Texas Records

South Texas Swimming Records

STSI records will be compiled and maintained in order to recognize the best performances achieved by STSI athletes in Sanctioned, Observed, or Approved short and long course events. The official South Texas Swimming Record is the best time recorded in an approved event and recognized age group, by a swimmer who is a registered member of South Texas Swimming at the time of the record. The time must be made in a USA Swimming Sanctioned, Approved, or Observed meet or in a recognized National or International swimming competition meet.


In order for a time to be considered, it must be loaded into SWIMS.

  • All USA and FINA Swimming meets will be evaluated for record purposes.
  • Times made in High School and YMCA Meets that have been pre-approved by South Texas Swimming, Inc. (e.g., District, Regional, and State meets) and are staffed by USA Swimming officials and/or observed by a USA Swimming official(s) may be considered for South Texas records.
  • Records will be kept in short course yards, short course meters, and long course meters.
  • Times made in the Senior or Open Division may apply to the appropriate age group record for a competitor. Meet results must indicate the age of all swimmers competing in the Senior or Open Division in order to receive proper age group consideration.
  • ​Anyone with credible evidence indicating a record is incorrect should forward that evidence to the Records Coordinator for evaluation.
  • Records for South Texas Swimming will be updated on or about the first of every month. Records for traditional distances in long course meters and short course yards have been kept for at least 20 years. Records for non-traditional distances (10 and under 200 fly, 15-16 100 IM, etc.) and records in short course meters were established based on the times in the SWIMS database.

Questions?  Please contact John VanderMeer.


Congratulations to the record holders!!!

Long Course Meter, Short Course Meter and Short Course Yard Records

Updated April 2020