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2020-21 Registration Forms -Use beginning June 1, 2020


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South Texas Swimming, Inc.
 P.O. Box 592793
 San Antonio, TX 78259

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Click here for updated information (as of 12/15/15) about registering athletes, coaches, and other members of USA Swimming in Team Manager and Team Unify, and for other updates (such as coaching certifications and other testing links).


2020 Club Application       DOC    PDF    2021 Club Application not available until Sept 1, 2020

2021 Year Around Athlete Application (9/1/20 to 12/31/21) 
     English Version: DOC    PDF

2021 Flex Athlete Application (2 meets, no championships)
     English Version: DOC    PDF

2021 Outreach Athlete Application
     English Version: DOC    PDF

2021 South Texas Outreach Verification Form   DOC    PDF  

Outreach criteria: PDF

2021 Non-Athlete Application (coaches, officials, and other non-athletes) 
     English Version: DOC    PDF
  Reminder: All non-athlete members of USA Swimming must have a current background check and athlete protection course to renew their membership.
2021 Athlete Transfer/Revise Data Form       DOC   PDF
  Please complete, print, sign, and mail (or scan and email) for all transfers and/or data revisions.