Contact Information


West Virginia Swimming Officers

General Chairman

Renee Riggs (CM)

Morgantown, WV




Vice Chairman


Sarah Nisewarner (PKB)

(C) 304-483-1542

Vice Chairman Senior Group Swimmers

Vic Riggs

Morgantown, WV


Vice Chairman

Age Group Swimmers

Rick Johnson (PKB)

(C) 304-669-0685 



Scott Wilson

Bridgeport, WV 26330


(H) 304-842-3403

(B) 304-624-5571

(C) 304-612-1621


Sarah Nisewarner (PKB)

Parkersburg, WV



The Board of Directors is comprised of the following per the WV LSC By-Laws: General Chair, Admin Vice Chair, Financial Vice Chair, Coach Representative, 2 Athlete Representatives, the Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Vice Chair, Age Group Vice Chair, Safe Sport Coordinator, the Officials Chair, and any At Large Athlete Board Members (as needed).

Committee Chairs

Registration Chair

Melissa McGlothen (HYCAT)

Charleston, WV 25314

(C) 304-552-9839




Officials Chair

Scott Claypoole (PKB)


Records Chair

Stephanie Claypoole (PKB)

National Times Chair

Greg Olson

Coach Representative/

Operational Risk

Ryan Zundell (MYAC)


Meet Sanction Chair

Sarah Nisewarner (PKB)

Safe Sport

Samantha Benito (MYAC)

Disability Swimming Chair

Vic Riggs (CA)

Camp Coordinator


Club Development

Tom Phillips (PKB)

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Chair

Harsha Hatti 

Marketing Chair

Ryan Zundell (Marietta)


Stephanie Claypoole (PKB)



Athlete Representatives


Athlete Senior Representative: Jael Dankle (Club Mountaineer)

Athlete Junior Representative: Jaden Welsh (Parkersburg)

Athlete Secretary


The following WV LSC Athlete at-large members begin their term of office 5/04/17 thru the 2018 Spring LSC meeting


Each WV LSC registered swim team is permitted to appoint/elect one (1) athlete member to the Athlete Committee.  [NOTE: at-large members do not count as the club's one athlete committee member].  Please submit your athlete member to Greg Olson @


Club Mountaineer (CM)


Conord C Lions (CCL)


Fairmont Area Swim Team (FAST)


Harrison Extended Aquatic Team (HEAT)


Marietta YMCA


Parkersburg YMCA (PKB)


Randolph Area Y Swimming (RAYS)


Tri-County Wild waves (WILD)


YMCA of Southern West Virginia



The next  WV LSC Athlete At-Large elections will be held at the 2019 WV LSC Short Course Swim Meet on TBA @TBA. These athletes serve a one (1) year term from end of 2018 Spring WV LSC HOD (early May 2019) meeting to the conclusion of 2020 Spring WV LSC HOD meeting  (early May 2020)





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