2019-2020 Registration and Fee Structure

Bronze/Silver/Junior/Gold Registration Fee: $95 per swimmer due at registration**. {Non-refundable}


Swim Prep Registration Fee: $65 per swimmer due at registration**. {Non-refundable}


Once a family reaches 4 swimmers, their TOTAL registration fees will be discounted by 20%. If they add a 5th swimmer, then their TOTAL registration fees will be discounted by 30%.


Chisholm Hall Pool Parking Pass: $79 per car (Required to park on campus) 


UTSA Rec Center Parking Pass: $56 per car (Required to park on campus) 


**NOTE: The registration price per child now includes a USA Swimming Flex Membership. This membership will allow your swimmers to participate in two USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets per membership year without having to pay the full $80 Membership Fee. A USA Swimming Flex Membership may be upgraded to a full year membership for the pro-rated amount of $60. To learn more about the Flex Membership, click here.



Program Fees

Here at Paragon Training, we believe that personal development is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over a continuation of weeks and months. Our swim program is set up so that we can provide the BEST possible environment for your child to develop. First and foremost, we want them to have fun and grow and develop as an individual. Getting faster is simply a byproduct of those things and a consistent, well-planned training program. We hope to make year-round swim training accessible to athletes of ALL ages and ability levels. Our program runs from the last week of August, through the end of April with a short break at Christmas. Our pricing schedule is set up to reflect the 8-month commitment our coaches make to working with and mentoring your children. 


Annual: ONE payment on September 1st, 2019.

Semi-Annual: TWO payments made on September 1st, 2019 and January 1st, 2020

Monthly: EIGHT payments made on the 1st of every month, September-April.


Homeschool Team

Swim Prep (2 hr/week)

Annual: $360 |Semi-Annual: $180 | Monthly: $50 | Summer: N/A


Bronze Group (3 hrs/week): 

Annual: $425  | Semi-Annual: $225 | Monthly: $60 | Summer: $171


Silver Group (4 hrs/week): 

Annual: $530 | Semi-Annual: $280 | Monthly: $75 | Summer: $214


Gold Group (5 hrs/week): 

Annual: $675 | Semi-Annual: $355 | Monthly: $95 Summer: $271


UTSA Rec Center

Novice Group (3 hrs/week): 

Annual: $530  | Semi-Annual: $280 | Monthly: $75 | Summer: $214


Junior Group (4 hrs/week): 

Annual: $610 | Semi-Annual: $320 | Monthly: $85 | Summer: N/A



*Multi-swimmer discount: The first child in the highest group will pay full price. Each additional swimmer will receive a $10 (ten) dollar discount per month. Once a family has 4 (four) children in the program, all additional children swim FREE! The same discount is already calculated into the balance you pay when charging annually or semi-annually. This discount does not apply to the registration fee. 


**Withdrawal Procedure: We understand that schedule conflicts do come up and a family may need to withdraw from the program for one reason or another. If such a situation does occur, please fill out the online withdrawal form and submit it no later than the 15th of the month PRIOR to when you wish to withdraw. Example: November will be the last month you wish to swim, you must submit the withdrawal form by November 15th, otherwise you will be required to pay for December training.


NOTE: This same rule applies if you pay semi-annually. To avoid paying the January installment on your semi-annual plan you must submit a withdrawal form by December 15th. There are no refunds on annual and semi-annual payment plans should you wish to drop out halfway through the season.