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Formula Endurance is a 501(c)3 USA Triathlon High Performance Team whose mission is to promote and develop these sports in youth and teenagers from beginner to elite ability levels. Formula Endurance began in 2009, to fill a gap in the development of junior triathlon talent in San Diego, the birthplace of triathlon. After 5 years of growth and positive presence on a national competitive level, this year the organization expanded its purpose to offer USA Swimming competition as well as triathlon memberships to boys and girls, ages 7 – 19.

Specific objectives of our program include:

1. To create and maintain a positive, team atmosphere that provides the opportunity for personal growth in both sport and life.

2. To successfully teach athletes determined, dedicated effort results in improvement to self-confidence, motivation and overall health. 

3. To instill a desire and drive in each athlete to achieve their full potential by setting, pursuing and accomplishing goals in the areas of mental and physical preparation, sport-specific skills and overall fitness and speed.

Nationally, youth and junior triathlon has experienced monumental growth in the past decade, and swimming continues to be a nationally popular sport for youth and teens.  However, the financial cost of participation in a multi-sport team can be prohibitive for many families.

Here are a few ways your donation will help Formula:

  • A gift of $150 will cover the entry fee for one relay team at USA Triathlon National Championships. 
  • A gift of $200 will cover 100% of annual bike maintenance expense for an athlete in the program.
  • A gift of $2500 will sponsor an athlete for an entire year in our Triathlon Program.
  • A gift of $5000 will cover 40% of the travel fees for coaches and equipment to support the athletes at races

Formula Endurance could not accomplish its goals without the generosity of those in the industry, fans of our program, families committed to the program, and those who donate to support us. We great appreciate the support you all provide. 

Donations can be accepted thru PayPal. Thank you for your kind donation!


You can also help donate to Formula Endurance, simply by shopping at, using this link to get there, and 2.4% of your eligible purchases will be donated to Formula Endurance!

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