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Team Santa Monica Team Records

The LCM Team Records have been updated as of July 22, 2018 and expanded. The records were reviewed against the USA Swimming records (since 2001) and other historical notes that are on file. The team SCY records will be posted before the start of the new swim season.

TSM LCM Team Records - by Age Group

TSM LCM Team Records - by Specific Age

TSM LCM Top 25 Individual Times - by Age Group

TSM LCM Top 25 Inidividual Times - by Specific Age

TSM LCM Top 10 Relay Times - by Age Group

Team records set within the 2018 LCM Season are highlighted in red.

Please note - USA Swimming only tracks swimmers times for ages 9 and up. The records fo 8 and under are based on internal notes The Specific Age Team Records are maintained for ages 9-18 only.

For updates or corrections, please send a note to and it will be reviewed and added to the record books once confirmed. The basis is if the swimmer was attached to TSM at the time of the record. If you swam a time while unattached for your school and were a current member on TSM then that counts and you can sent the noted time to me to post.