Swim Ohana Partners/Sponsors




·       “SWIM OHANA IS GOOD BECAUSE… it’s coached by Coach Greg, Coach Oscar, and Coach Liz (more on them later) and they are the best swim coaches I’ve ever had. Not only that, Swim Ohana is a team where friendship and good sportsmanship are as important as swimming a TAGS time. Good technique is important, so at Ohana good technique is established before mileage is poured on; learning how to swim correctly early on will increase your speed (not to mention decrease injuries).

THE COACHES ARE GREAT BECAUSE… they devise hard work-outs, but the work-outs are usually really fun!

COACH LIZ- Is careful and knowledgeable about the way the dry lands are done so as not to acquire injuries from doing it incorrectly, she also knows how important good nutrition is.

COACH OSCAR- Has a fun coaching style and is always cheerful at practice.

COACH KAM- Comes up with fun drills and work-outs so even though they’re hard, they’re fun too.” – Ella, 11


·       “As a recent convert from running to triathlon, I knew my swim needed some serious help. A friend recommended Greg and I’m so glad she did. He’s friendly, patient, and has been excellent at breaking down swim technique into cues I could understand and benefit from. I used to just tolerate the swimming to get to the biking and running in triathlon, but now I actually enjoy swimming itself in big part thanks to Greg. More confidence and fitness in the pool has translated to more confidence and fitness in the open water as well. He can coach to the level you want, and makes the Masters experience a whole lot more enjoyable (and productive!) than just swimming endless laps on your own.”- Kate


·       “Coach Kam is a great swim coach because he explains all the strokes with detail.”-C, 11


·       “Coach Oscar is a great swim coach because he makes up new drills for us to do that help with our swimming” -C, 11


·       “Best wishes Coach Liz and Coach Greg Kam- you two were shining lights in Mitchell’s time in the sport of swimming. I know you will have a special team!!” – Wendy


·       “Coach Kam- I have never met a coach that had such positive motivation and love for his athletes of all ages!! He is competitive, but does it in a way that the kids understand the importance and makes swimming fun! He strives to make sure all his swimmers do their very best and makes them accountable. I love that he always greets his swimmers with a smile or fist pump- parents included. If you have had the opportunity to stay for practice you will hear a great story or testimonial about life lessons that he has encountered. I have learned many things about the swimming world and have embraced being a “Swim Mom” because of Coach Greg Kam.”- Laura


·       “Coach Oscar- He is the reason my son has been swimming for 3 years for MNW Marlins and for Klein High. I am thankful that Oscar motivated my son into becoming a swimmer. My son has a processing disorder and ADD. Swimming has helped him focus and because of that contributes to much better grades, and most importantly boosted his self-confidence! We will be forever grateful for his coaching and friendship.” – Laura



·       “Coach Liz- My kids had the privilege of having Liz as a coach for 1 year on MNW Marlins. She was very developmental and technical with teaching the strokes needed for swimming. The kids enjoyed her motivation and positive attitude she exuded to the team.” – Laura


·        “I love you guys!!! (The last swim parent meeting I attended was almost the exact opposite.) I’m so looking forward to Swim Ohana!!!