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Registration Fees


2020-21 Fees & Dues


Annual Team Registration Fee:

$150 for first swimmer

$100.00 for second swimmer

$75.00 for third and over swimmers


Included in the Annual Team Registration Fee:

• 3 Team T-shirts

• 1 Team Swim Cap


Annual USA Swimming Registration Fee:

$90.00 per swimmer for most registration groups.  Swimmers in Pink, Blue, and Pre-Junior groups may choose a FLEX USA membership for $20,this is a limited membership and swimmers with this membership may only participate in 2 meets per year. You may upgrade your USA membership to a full membership for $70.00 if your swimmer would like to participate in more meets.  This is required for all swimmers due to insurance purposes. All the money goes directly to USA Swimming and there are no multi-swimmer discounts for this reason. The USA Swimming registration fee will be billed to your account on September 1st, 2020.


Booster Club Fee:

Swim Ohana Booster is a non-profit 501c3 organization. As such your Booster Club Fee is considered a tax-deductible donation. The Booster Club provides many benefits to the swimmers on our team including providing Champs shirts to our swimmers and purchasing much-needed equipment for the swimmers. Each family is charged a $50.00 Booster Club membership fee annually. This will be billed to your account to be automatically charged on October 1st, 2019.


Transfer Fee:

$2.00 per swimmer transferring from another USA Swim Team. This fee is sent to the GULF and is required for all swimmers who have previously swam for another USA Team even if it hasbeen several years. This does not apply to Summer League Swim Team


Volunteer Deposit:

All families are responsible for 10 hours of volunteering.  A $200 deposit on a check with no date will be due to the team during registration and held until 8/31/21.  If hours are not met the deposit will be collected by the team.  **COVID 2019-20 Deposits are NOT being deposited for the last season.  We will evaluate opportunities for the upcoming season and adjust in August 2021 if necessary. 


Practice Group Dues Per Month:

Senior Unlimited $195

Senior 3 Day $150

Junior Select $195

Junior Unlimited $150

Junior 3 Day $125

Pre Junior 2 Day $100

Blue 2 Day $80

Pink $80

College $150 Annually

Masters $50

Masters With Youth Swimmer $25