Minutes of the UANA Ordinary Congress - Rio de Janeiro - 2007

Minutes of the UANA Ordinary Congress - Guadalajara - October 2011


Nomination under FINA Constitution Rule C 17.1.8 of new Bureau Member Jesus Mena, from Mexico.FINA Constitution Rule C.17.1.8 states: “The FINA Bureau shall have the right to co-opt a representative from the Member where the next Olympic Games and/or World Championships will be held. This representative shall be a member of the FINA Bureau without vote. This rule shall not apply if such a Member has already a representative in the FINA Bureau”.

The FINA World Championships in 2017 will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico.

- Nomination of the FINA Committees for the period 2013-2017. The complete list can be found here.

UANA Annual Electronic Filing Form 990-N



UANA Guidelines and Policies

Reimbursement Policy


1 – All costs related to air travel, accommodation, meals, transportation, etc., of UANA members must be informed in advance to be approved prior to being executed.

We have to bear in mind that the lowest fare or rate, is the option of choice.


2 – Any expenditure of UANA members must have beforehand the approval of the UANA Executive Committee.


3 – Expenditures resulted from non UANA events, where no previously informed formal Meeting is scheduled, should not be reimbursed.


Our sources of income are small and not frequent, and until we can find partners or sponsors, we must implement austere financial measures.



UANA Executive Meeting Minutes
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
April 12-13, 2013
In Attendance
Honorary UANA President - Mr. Coaracy Nunes Filho (BRA)
Honorary UANA Life President - Mr. Eldon C. Godfrey (CAN)
Honorary UANA Secretary / Treasurer – Mr. Fernando J. Canales (USA)
UANA Vice President - Mr. Errol Clarke (BAR)
UANA Vice President and WP Technical Committee Chair - Mr. Bill Shaw (CAN)
UANA Executive Committee Member - Mr. Luis Leiva Perez (CHI)
UANA Executive Committee Member - Mr. Steve McFarland (USA)
UANA Executive Committee Member - Mr. Ismael Gonzalez (GUA)
UANA Executive Committee Member - Mr. Brian Johnson (CAN)
UANA International Relations Officer – Dr. Margo Lynn Mountjoy (CAN)
UANA Media Officer – Mr. Greg Eggert (USA)
UANA Masters Technical Committee Chair/Financial Advisor – Mr. Mel Goldstein (USA)
UANA Diving Technical Committee Chair – Ms. Kathy Seaman (CAN)
UANA Synchronized Swimming Technical Committee Chair – Ms. Rose Cody (PUR)
UANA Swimming Technical Committee Chair – Mr. Bill Hogan (CAN)
UANA Water Polo Technical Committee Chair – Mr. Roberto Cabral (BRA)
Special Guests Present
FINA President – Dr. Julio Cesar Maglione (URU)
FINA Vice President for the Americas – Mr. Dale Neuburger (USA)
CONSANAT President – Dr. Francisco Javier Lopez Chavez (COL)
Aquatic Federation of Canada President – Mrs. Lisa Schott (CAN)
Toronto 2015 PAG Sr. VP-Sport / Venues - Mr. Bob O’Doherty
Toronto 2015 PAG VP Sport - Mr. Dennis Hainault
Canadian Aquatics Representatives
Absent  --  UANA Open Water Technical Committee Chair – Mr. Denny Ryther (USA)
Opening Remarks from President Coaracy Nunes Filho  --  President Coaracy Nunes Filho welcomed all participants to Rio de Janeiro and expressed his joy in receiving such distinguished visitors to his country. President Coaracy thanked Mr. Goldstein for his work with UANA and also his colleague in the FINA Bureau, Dr.Margo Mountjoy along with her Canadian compatriots attending the event. Coaracy extended thanks to Mr. Fernando J Canales and Mr. Greg Eggert for their work and also for being “the best media officer in the world”. He was thrilled and grateful for the presence of “the best president in the world” Dr. Julio Maglione and that of Mr. Dale Neuburger “the best vice-president of the Americas”.
Remarks from FINA President, Dr. Julio Cesar Maglione  --  Dr. Julio Maglione expressed his delight in being present; he spoke about the upcoming FINA WC in Barcelona and how everything is coming together with no major problems in sight. He mentioned the excellent TV ratings aquatics enjoyed during the London Olympics and how swimming and the aquatic sports are the jewels within the IOC.
President Maglione expressed his satisfaction with the excellent FINA SC World Championships celebrated in Istanbul and the fantastic results from the 2nd FINA World Aquatics Convention in Moscow. He made reference to the future 2014 World Championships in Doha, Qatar and how they will be extraordinary.
President Maglione commented on the FINA TSC presently discussing how to select the swimmers for each participating country. The President spoke about Kazan hosting the 16th FINA World Championship in 2015 at the Aquatics Palace in conjunction with the FINA World Masters Championships to be held right after. He explained how the price money for Barcelona will be 37 million dollars, and its disbursement will be 20 million for participation and 17 million for prices.
The President sees a bright future ahead for FINA even while we are still in the middle of a world financial crisis. FINA is in a strong financial footing. He also commented on the FINA website and how it is in an excellent venue for distributing information.

President Maglione thanked FINA VP of the Americas, Mr. Dale Neuburger for his excellent work and he expressed how Mr. Neuburger will continue to be the point man for the FINA Development Program while continuing to bring resources to FINA countries in need. He spoke about the new FINA offices in Switzerland and how certain bureaucratic obstacles have slowed down the final completion of this project. President Maglione emphatically expressed how Kazan is ready, Guadalajara is ready and how Huang Shu in 2019 and Budapest in 2021 will be great events. He thanked all present for their excellent work within UANA.
Remarks by FINA Vice President of the Americas, Mr. Dale Neuburger  --  Mr. Dale Neuburger recognized the extraordinary work Dr. Maglione has accomplished during the last 4 years by bringing stability and progress to FINA.  Mr. Neuburger rejoiced in the fact that “UANA nominated Julio and he won!”  Dale commented on how Dr. Maglione made changes to the FINA constitution two years ago for the first time in 50 years with excellent results. He thanked President Maglione for the great financial stability FINA is experiencing at this time, while many Sports Federations in the world are experiencing serious difficulties.
Mr. Neuburger expressed how FINA Executive Director, Mr. Cornel Marculescu and Dr. Maglione have continued to make sure all FINA programs continue to succeed. Mr. Neuburger thanked UANA Honorary Life President, Mr. Eldon C. Godfrey for his leadership within the Americas.
Vice President Neuburger expressed his excitement about the future of UANA and how the aquatics world will continue to focus on the Americas. “We have the Olympic Games coming to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, in addition to Canada hosting the FINA World Masters Championships in Montreal, Quebec, the FINA SC World Championships in Windsor, Ontario and the Toronto 2015 PAG”. Mr. Neuburger closed by stating how Mexico will be the proud host of the 17th FINA World Championships in Guadalajara in 2017 and how “UANA will continue to perform at a very high level.”
Approval of Minutes from UANA Executive Meeting in May of 2012  --  All members gave their approval of the UANA Executive meeting minutes of May, 2012.
UANA Financial Report  --  Mr. Fernando J Canales and Mr. Mel Goldstein submitted a financial statement reporting good news about UANA’s balance sheet being positive. However, Mr. Goldstein was cautious and explained the need for additional sources of income. Mr. Goldstein explained the UANA Masters policy of charging athletes a $10 participation fee when entering the UANA Championships and how this fee benefits UANA greatly. He went on to explain the origin of the policy and a short discussion followed. Mr. Eldon Godfrey explained the dollar values associated with this policy and their significance to UANA.
Mr. Goldstein explained how it would be desirable to extend this policy to all our UANA events/championships and he made a motion to adopt the policy for all our UANA events.
In further discussion Mr. Bill Shaw explained the particulars and how it does not apply to water polo.
There was a motion to amend the policy and allow Water Polo to continue working with their present format. It was moved by Mel Goldstein and seconded by Mr. Brian Johnson. All members voted in favor of the amended policy.
There was a motion that we adopt the amended policy. It was so moved by Mel Goldstein and seconded by Brian. All members voted in favor.
Mr. Goldstein submitted the travel reimbursement policy and it was approved by the body as well. The Travel Reimbursement Policy states that all requests for travel reimbursements should be approved by the President, Secretary / Treasurer and or the Financial Manager prior to booking flight or hotel.
Brian explained a particular situation that happened during the UANA Synchronized Swimming Championship in Cali, Colombia. He commented on how officials incurred expenses due to travel complications.
Remarks from Honorary Life President Mr. Eldon Godfrey  --  Mr. Godfrey made reference to his written report which was submitted in the website. He reported about his meetings in Portugal and thanked UANA Media Officer, Mr. Greg Eggert for his efforts on behalf of UANA and his great communication methods. Mr. Godfrey had the “honor of attending the PASO/ODEPA meetings in Jamaica”.
There was a discussion about the logistical problems we will face with some events during the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. Mr. Godfrey mentioned how these events are critical to both Canada and the USA and he has concerns for other member disciplines of UANA because these events may not end up being qualification tournaments.
Mr. Godfrey acknowledged how UANA achieved, “after much effort”, the 8 water polo teams for men and women and gave credit to Dr. Maglione. Should the Toronto 2015 competition see the number of teams reduced to six it would signify a tremendous retrograde for the Americas. He insisted we shall be united in maintaining the present state of the Pan American Games tournament. Eldon thanked Dr. Maglione and credited him for being our direct link to Mr. Mario Vasquez Rana.
He mentioned how certain disciplines are being cut back or restricted in their participant numbers for Toronto 2015. Thus, we need to be strong and well considered in the arguments we present to preserve our numbers s in water polo and synchronized swimming.
Mr. Godfrey stated that UANA should be involved with the following Toronto 2015 issues:
- CBC is the official broadcaster for Pan American Games and UANA should establish a working relationship with the CBC in order to enhance the quality of our broadcast and how it may ultimately impact all our disciplines.
- Address any circumstance that may impact our disciplines in a negative manner.
-  UANA should inquire about our preferred technology for meet management, etc.
- Technical delegate issues should be defined, establish a jury of appeal and formally advice the organizing committee.
- We shall revise the technical manuals for each discipline and update them.
He mentioned that site visits were conducted on 31 disciplines by PASO; however it was not to our knowledge that they in fact did a visit for aquatics.  Test event confirmation needs to happen by March 31 of 2013….which had already passed
Mr. Godfrey added certain dates that are critical to the success of UANA and the Pan American Games. Preliminary projections from the IF (FINA) as to who are the technical officials shall be known by June 30 of 2013.
Athlete participation numbers for Toronto are virtually the same as in Guadalajara.
Eldon mentioned how UANA President Coaracy Nunes Filho, was present at the ACODEPA meeting and he made an impact by pointing out and asking “what can we do at the PASO/ACODEPA level to help with sponsorships?” Eldon said that all present at the meeting were appreciative of Coaracy’s comments.
Mr. Greg Eggert questioned who did FINA conferred with on the matter regarding the June 30 deadline for officials. Technical officials need to be validated by technical delegates.
Mr. Bill Shaw brought up the logistical impossibility to name the officials due to calendar issues.
Mr. Steve McFarland stated that the technical delegates for each sport should be the technical chairs for each discipline. The chair of the technical committee needs to be recommended by UANA and FINA will appoint a delegate in Barcelona.
There was a motion that the technical delegates for Toronto 2015 should be the technical chairs for each discipline. Mr. Errol Clarke made the motion and it was seconded by Brian. All voted in favor.
Eldon’s work in the lead up with Mr. Sisniega showed that the NOC’s are not complying with the dates and how we need to make sure our own NOC’s are not in default. Steve expressed that nobody is honoring the dates and questioned if the dates are inappropriate.
Brian had a question about the test events and specifically “what determines those events and do we need to take any action as UANA?” Confirmation of those test events is March 31, 2015 which is too late. Brian questioned if Toronto 2015 has already determined the test events.
Greg questioned if these test events will have the budget for our tech delegates to attend them. “Are any of these events capable of being a UANA event as well?” He also inquired about a process by which we may be able to include our athlete reps as active members of our tech committees? He suggested for this concept to be included in the Technical Manuals. Greg is concerned that our jury of appeal may be decimated because its members will be on their way to Kazan when they could potentially be needed.
The Pan American Sports Festival in 2014 was discussed by Eldon. President Coaracy expressed that Mr. Vasquez Rana would pay anything in order to send the best athletes to this event in 2014 a year before the 2015 Pan American Games. The event would be a qualification event for the Olympic Games and participating disciplines would be limited to individual sports. They will not use ODEPA money to run this event.
Eldon asked “how does this festival fit the international calendar that is already set?” President Maglione expressed that the event is not clear enough and that it is very difficult to proceed. PASO promised to bring all the best athletes together to do a training camp followed with a competition. At this point nothing is certain and we shall wait until we have a clear proposal.
Eldon explained that ACODEPA is the Association of Confederations of the Americas for all sport (all the governing bodies) and Ivar Sisniega is the Chairman. Eldon is a member of the Executive of ACODEPA.
ODEPA is comprised of National Olympic Committees of the American Continent. The Chair of each of the Sports Confederations is invited by the President of ODEPA to attend its meeting and congress,
Mr. Bill Hogan, Chair of UANA Technical Swimming Committee  --  Mr. Bill Hogan presented a thorough Swimming report and provided a written copy in all the folders in both English and Spanish.
Officials  --  The list of technical officials #2 intends to mirror the FINA list of officials.
2015 Pan American Games  --  Bill explained how he has been working along with Mr. Jay Thomas since May of 2012 in order to get ahead of the curve and establish our own technical manual so that the Organizing Committee would not publish and reiterate what was there in past games. They have been developing a template that may be acceptable for President Coaracy and the UANA Executive that will be used for future PAG. In specific 7-8 proposals were discussed through the UANA Technical Swimming Committee in addition to visiting with senior personnel within UANA and within FINA.
The proposals and the reasoning behind them have been distributed to all UANA Executive members and are also on the web. A streamline and fair qualification process was a key element of these proposals.
UANA Junior Swimming Championship  --  Discussions of a UANA Junior Swimming Championship took place since there has never been one yet. The biggest difficulties during the present quadrennial are logistical and financial. UANA wants all four zones participating in the championship at all levels. The Junior Championship would provide a good opportunity to have a coach’s and official’s clinic as part of the event.
Bill’s report was approved by all present. President Maglione loved the report and suggested how we need to discuss it with ODEPA. He showed concern as to what the final decision will be. Eldon agreed that the report and the recommendations will enhance the overall experience of the PAG and primarily that of the competitors and their National Federations.
Ms. Rose Cody, Chair, UANA Technical Synchronized Swimming Committee  --  Ms. Rose Cody thanked Mr. Brian Johnson for his wonderful approach as liaison and his qualities as a person and a great lawyer.  She thanked Mr. Greg Eggert for his excellent work on the web and thanked Honorary President Eldon Godfrey for endorsing the UANA Pan American Junior Championship. Rose was grateful for CONSANAT’s and the Colombian Federation’s support with the execution of such a beautiful event in Cali during August of 2013. The 2nd event is scheduled for August of 2013 in Puerto Rico; the 3rd will be in the USA and the 4th in Canada. She gave credit to Eldon for having the vision to see it take off and grow; Rose said that “our aim was to enhance the athletes experience and we accomplished it”. She thanked Mr. Mel Goldstein for assisting with the development of synchronized swimming within the Masters program.
There was a brief discussion about the coach’s school; this is a project that she will continue to work in conjunction with Brian and the UTSSC members. Miss Cody thanked the UANA Executive for their support of this new project.
Rose will be working along with Dr. Margo Mountjoy for the proposals to Barcelona.
Mr. Denny Ryther, Chair, UANA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee  --  Mr. Ryther was not able to attend our meeting due to a Visa problem but we received his written report which was presented by Mr. Ismael Gonzalez. liaison to the UANA TOWSC.  Mr. Gonzalez provided several highlights about OW in our continent. He explained how the growth of Open Water in the Americas continues and he gave CCCAN as a particular example since OW has developed enormously with participation numbers as of late.
The event in Isla Margarita was organized since last year by Venezuela and President Lourdes confirmed the event would take place unfortunately the event had to be cancelled. A written report was handed out to all. The Technical OW Committee recommends an increase to the total number of OW swimmers in Toronto.
President Coaracy- had two suggestions for competitions in Chile and Rio.  President Javier explained that Chile has a fresh water lake with a great area for the public and how the race can be watched by all and it offers health and safety characteristics. Temperature is consistent and excellent and it is protected from wind and tide. It is only 12 km from Valparaiso with excellent hotels…”o melhor do mundo” Coaracy said about Curauma Lake.  Denny wants to organize the second UANA Pan Am Games since it has been 5 years since the last one. Chile is presently organizing it.
Mr. Roberto Cabral, Chair, UANA Technical Water Polo Committee  --  Mr. Cabral submitted a written report and thanked the Canadian Federation for the excellent World Cup final held in Calgary in which “everything was fantastic!”   Argentina has interest in hosting the 2013 Junior tournament. There was a motion by Roberto to approve Argentina. It was seconded and all voted in favor.
Mr. Cabral described how Canada and Brasil are the only two countries that have shown interest in hosting the next qualifier and also explained the system of rotation.  He mentioned how there are common proposals for the Barcelona Congress and how it is important for UANA countries to submit more names to the UANA list of referees. Mr. Cabral established that for the next tournament there will be 1 delegate and 1 evaluator of referees for the semi final and final matches.
Mr. Mel Goldstein, Chair, UANA Masters Swimming Committee  --  Mr. Goldstein submitted a written report and was happy to mention that they are expecting close to 2500 participants at the 2013 UANA Pan American Masters Championship that will take place in Sarasota, Florida this coming June.
Colombia has bid for the 2015 UANA Pan American Championship to be held in Medellin and they will host all the aquatic disciplines in one location. The committee expects to award the meet to the Colombian Federation when they meet in Sarasota and they will continue to favor all future bids that will handle all aquatic disciplines in one location.
Ms. Kathy Seaman, Chair, UANA Technical Diving Committee  --  Ms. Seaman submitted a written report and was excited about Emily Heymans accepting the role of athlete representative for the UANA TDC. They are working together in defining the objectives for this role in order to give secure direction to the individuals willing to fulfill these duties. This approach will allow us to evaluate our progress in the Americas in a better way.
Coaching – Kathy was clear in establishing that in order to be successful we need substantial financial commitments in this area. She mentioned how Puerto Rico has hired a coach (short term) to develop the sport. She also commented how clinics are “band aid solutions” while giving the Colombian Federation full credit for their progressive approach. Colombia has invested in the coaches program and the results are outstanding and “obvious”.
She thanked Mr. Steve McFarland and Mr. Felix Calderon (PUR) for their active roles and willingness to initiate programs at the FINA and Federation level for the development of UANA coaches and their work with facilities. They will be meeting in Quebec in May. There are multiple pools and projects in the making and the proposals for new facilities continue to grow. The committee is inundated with these projects and they take a lot of time to review. The consensus is that there needs to be a more consistent approach with better guidelines for the construction of proper facilities for diving. Mr. Godfrey brought up a question about the FINA handbook for diving and wondered if it is insufficient or inadequate.
Eldon spoke about how the minimum does not meet the necessary and proper standards and how the designers need to raise the bar; he added “The importance of the specs is often overlooked by the designers.”  Mr. Steve McFarland voiced how the FINA specifications for the diving facility need to be corrected and how the specifications FINA has are incorrect. Brian Johnson had an Ontario specific comment regarding facilities.
Steve McFarland explained the new high diving event and the great expectations for its success in the Barcelona WC. Red Bull has partnered with high diving and FINA to bring along the safety protocol and specifications that have proven to be successful for a long period of time.
Mr. Luis Leiva discussed how the Chilean Federation has a new group in charge of diving and offered their new facility while placing a bid for a future UANA event in 2014. His bid was approved.
Judges - UANA will be well represented in Barcelona. There is a new judge from Brasil and she will have assistance and support from the UANA TDC. Kathy explained how our judges in the Americas are excellent and they are also leaders in the diving world; she mentioned the Colombian judge who is a member of the TDC as an example.
Events – Ms. Seaman highlighted the Jr. Pan American event that will be taking place in Tucson and will feature a judge certification course with English and Spanish simultaneous instruction and translation services. Kathy is very excited about the new Grand Prix Event in Puerto Rico and how we are now hosting 3 Grand Prix events in the Americas.
Participation of Ms. Lisa Schott, AFC President, Canadian Aquatics Representatives and Toronto 2015 Organizing Committee  --
Ms. Lisa Schott gave a warm welcome to all present and offered full support to UANA and its Federations on behalf of the Aquatics Federation of Canada. She commented about multiple positive elements within Canada Aquatics and how excited they are about future events.
She introduced Mr. Bob O’Doherty, Sr. VP-Sport / Venues and Mr. Dennis Hainault VP Sport for Toronto 2015 PAG, and thanked them for their participation in our meetings.
We were briefed by these two members of the Toronto 2015 Executive in relation to Aquatics and the progress of the Games. They provided a fascinating power point and video presentation of the aquatic venues and their state of construction. We were privileged to see artistic renditions of the venues. In addition, they answered questions and allowed for limited discussion as well.
Mr. O’Doherty and Mr. Hainault explained the cultural importance and economical impact the Toronto Pan American Games will bring to Canada with $730 million CAD being spent (300 million in Aquatics). The new Aquatic Center will have two 50 meter pools and a 5 meter deep dive tank which will be ready by July of 2014. In addition, the Marathon Swimming venue will be along Pan Am Park which is on the lake and will hold 12 sports within a short distance to CN Tower.  This will provide an exciting racing environment for our OW athletes.
The detailed presentation gave us a deep understanding of how the PAG will evolve.  Canada is going to be ready to host these PAG nearly a year in advance and it shows how sport motivates other sectors of the society to come together and build a legacy that will endure.
28 Olympic Sports will be represented in Toronto along with 8 PAG only sports, 52 disciplines in total. They expect over 10000 athletes and officials which will make these the largest PAG ever.
Mike Fennel, the Jamaica Olympic Association President is the person to work with regard to the numbers for aquatics at the PAG.
Technical manuals are now being used as the qualification method manual. Modifications need to be created by August 31 2013 and revised drafts to be completed by December 31, 2013
Technical officials –FINA must address a letter to Bob and Dennis with regard to nominating officials
Report by FINA Bureau Member & UANA International Relations Officer, Dr. Margo Mountjoy  --  Dr. Mountjoy, UANA’s International Relations Officer, provided a detailed presentation/discussion regarding UANA’s reception in Barcelona, a review of proposed FINA Technical Rules changes and promotional branding opportunities for UANA.
Dr. Mountjoy reported that the UANA reception will take place on July 25th from 8PM to 10PM. It will be a patio reception at the Club Restaurant which is inside the Palau St Jordi Aquatics Complex. Dr. Mountjoy gave a final total cost quote of 6000 Euros. UANA, CBDA, USAS and AFC will share the cost of this reception along with a potential partnership from a vendor. The reception will provide an opportunity for UANA members to meet with FINA Bureau members, its Technical Commissions and National Federation Presidents and Delegates to meet prior to the July 26th Congress.
There was discussion by each of the aquatic disciplines regarding proposed FINA Technical / General / Facility Rules changes and Constitution proposals.
In addition, potential branding opportunities for UANA were discussed along with the search for a major UANA sponsor.
Dr. Mountjoy explained in detail the FINA Swim For All Program and its objectives:  Promote global health world wide; Raise awareness and prevent death by drowning; Promote swimming through Governments world wide; Define the target audiences.  FINA wishes to Partner with Unesco, UN, UNICEF, World health Organization and the IOC in order to promote swimming with strong government support.  Declaration of support for all 203 member federations to sign
She provided and IOC update with the key elements being:
    Swimming - Add 50 meter events and gender equity in the 800 and 1500
    Diving - Increase the quota from 136 to 150 competitors
    Water Polo - Increase women’s tournament by 4 teams
    Synchronized Swimming - Increase team competition from 8 to 12
    Open Water - Increase quota from 25 to 30
XIV. Report by UANA Media Officer, Mr. Greg Eggert  --  Mr. Greg Eggert, UANA’s Media Officer, provided an excellent presentation regarding the growth and efficiency of the UANA website, a tool that continues to inform and highlight the activities of all UANA member Federations. Mr. Eggert shared with us the numerous new elements that are part of the website. The user friendly website has been developed by Mr. Eggert’s hard work in a manner that allows for much better communication between all UANA NGB’s and members.
Greg gave a professional tutorial that enlightened those who have not visited the UANA website on a regular basis and thoroughly taught them how to best use this valuable tool. The UANA website is available 365 days a year; every discipline has the opportunity to navigate the web and find numerous detailed and important documents pertinent to all. He explained how the website continues to be updated.
Honorary President Godfrey praised him for his fantastic work and he explained how “working with Greg is like standing on a railroad track and watching the train coming”. In addition, Mr. Eggert was able to receive immediate feedback from all present in order to update the UANA calendar of events with important changes.
Session with Technical Committee Chairs
No additional information was provided and we moved to the presentation by Rio 2016 Group.
Rio 2016 Orientation with Mr. Agberto Guimaraes, Mr. Ricardo de Moura and Mr. Ricardo Prado  --  We were briefed by members of the Executive representing the Rio 2016 Olympics Sport Groups in relation to Aquatics and the progress of the Games. Mr. Agberto Guimaraes, Sports Director for the Rio 2016 Olympics, provided a detailed power point presentation of the aquatic venues and their future state of construction. We were privileged to see artistic renditions of the venues and the potential sites for Diving, Open Water Marathon Swimming, Synchronized Swimming and Pool Racing. Water Polo will take place at the Maria Lenk Stadium, host of the 2007 Pan American Games.
Mr. Guimaraes was accompanied by Mr.Ricardo de Moura, Brasil’s National Team Director and Rio 2016 Aquatics General Manager, as well as Mr.Ricardo Prado, President of Rio 2016 Sport Advisory Committee. They answered questions and allowed for limited discussion.
Old business  -- No old business was brought to the attention of the body.
New business --  Suggestions by Dr. Francisco Javier Lopez Chavez President of CONSANAT
    1. Since the official languages of UANA are English and Spanish, but in the case of doubt the Spanish version prevails, it is logical that the text of the Statutes and Regulations be made in Spanish to be translated into English.
    2. The size of its individual sports Commissions and Directors is exaggerated, which renders them less agile to perform their functions and increases the costs for the host countries of Congress and Sporting Events to prohibitive levels.
    3. No general regulations have been adopted for all UANA Championships, which allows for these to be adopted independently by each Technical Committee, preventing central control.
    4. It is necessary to strengthen revenue for UANA by raising the amount of annual membership fees.
    5. Financial charges for the host countries are heavy.
    6. The text of the constitution and bylaws needs to be updated to modern times.
    7. Appears to be necessary to have a central coordination. It seems that each discipline has a different UANA.
    8. It is essential that the technical rules adopted by FINA technical commissions related to each sport be automatically incorporated to the UANA regulations and rules.
My proposals will be the subject of a lengthy work that I will be submitting to the Commission, in Spanish and English versions, in 3 months.
A Constitution Review Committee was established.  The committee is comprised by Hon. Life President Eldon Godfrey (Chair), UANA Vice President Wm. (Bill) Shaw, UANA Vice President Errol Clarke, UANA Hon. Secretary/Treasurer Fernando J Canales and CONSANAT President F. Javier Lopez . The Committee will examine the Constitution to ensure the clarity of the Constitution in Spanish and in English, so there will be no conflict of meaning in the interpretation and application of the Constitution, in either language.
The Committee will also clarify the separation of the Constitution and the By-Laws of UANA. It will not introduce any matters of a substantive nature; substantive changes to the Constitution when considered necessary by a member of UANA may only be proposed to the UANA General Congress for approval.  The next General Congress of UANA will be held in July 2015 in Toronto (CAN) on the occasion of the celebration of the XVII Pan American Games
Closing remarks from UANA President Coaracy Nunes Filho  --  President Coaracy’s closing remarks were made in Portuguese. He thanked the Toronto 2015 Group for participating in our meeting and for providing us with their outstanding presentation.  He gave thanks to all who convene in Rio de Janeiro and he especially thanked FINA President Dr. Julio Maglione, for his presence and outstanding contributions.  Coaracy thanked CONSANAT President Mr. Francisco Javier Lopez for his insightful contributions and suggestions.
He thanked Secretary/Treasurer Mr. Fernando Canales for his excellent contributions and hard work as well as for “his ability to kick and pass with the right or left leg and consistent accuracy to always score the goal”.
Last but not least, he thanked Giovana, “our special lady for the arduous work and dedication she performed in order to make our meeting a rotund success!”
Closing remarks by FINA President Dr. Julio Maglione  --  President Maglione was cordial in thanking all who convened in Rio de Janeiro for our meeting. He wished for everyone to have safe travels home and commended the Rio 2016 and Toronto 2015 groups for their hard work on behalf of aquatics in the American continent. He thanked the group for the support in electing him to a second term and looks forward to a fantastic championship in Barcelona.