Partners Of Ukiah Dolphins
February 2012

February 21, 2012 

Meeting called to order at 6:52 p.m. 

In attendance: Peggy Ramirez, Lee Panttaja, Eric Cline, Linda Pedersen, Sue Passalacqua, Bill Oldham, Shelley Barrett and Sue Anzilotti.

Eric motions to approve January's minutes and Shelley second the motion.


Sue Passalacqua is now the new Swim Representative and Bill Oldham is now the new Water Polo Representative and will attend Board meetings.


Treasurer's Report

Peggy has made all deposits and everything should be up to date.

See's made $375.


Zone 3


Conference call 01/20/12

Zone 3 Champs back to Martin Luther King weekend with two venues.

Lee would like to see all kids together and opposes seeing two venues.

The Board agrees with Lee to keep one venue to keep the kids together.

Athletic Award's Committee - Lee and Peggy will be part of the Committee.

Next Zone 3 meeting will be 03/19 telephone conference. Zone 3 is looking for a chairperson.


Soroptomist June 22 - 24

Shelly will start documenting all that is involved in preparing for the meet.  



$375 on See's candy sales

North Bay Aquatics League May 11 - 12. Snack bar, Eric & Shelley will take the lead.

Lee has a new fundraising idea to sale flip flops and Sue P. will head up this.

Sue & Sue will brainstorm some ideas for a major fundraiser.

Expo raised $700 from the BBQ. 


Coaches Report

Water Polo is over for the season. Balls & caps have come in.

New Zealand trip is going forward.

Rick plans to have parent meeting to discuss cash wash details and dates.  

20 kids in water.



First week in April - Swim Camp in Spring Break from 3-4 T W TH.

Friday kids will to be able to swim with Dolphins. First week of April, $65 for Pac Swim.

Linda will prepare a flyer for school's, website and paper.




North Bay Aquatics League May 11 - 12. Fundraising opportunity. Meet is trails and finals. 

Snack bar and hospitality for the Officials.

8 - 9 dual meets during the High School season.

Jill will help coach the High School team, but is not going to meets with them.

Bowling night, Sunday, 3/11 - $15 ticket - bowling, includes your shoes. Raffle at event.



Old Business

Athlete Protection Course -, complete your background check for $32. Reimbursement submit to Peggy. 

Chair lift Report - UHS is still looking into this. Money is available through Pac Swim for smaller clubs.



Multi-family tuition discounts. Laura proposes to discontinue. Table discussion for 30 days. Lee will look into ideas.



Pool grant money is available through Pac Swim for 25 meter lane lines. Benefits for long course training. New start blocks and 25 meter lane lines could be made available.

UHS pool is already plumbed for solar. Tarp money could also be another option for grant money. Lee will look into ideas for grant money.


Next meeting March 13th, 6:45 at Selzer Realty.


Meeting adjourned at 8:17.