Practice Schedule


2021-2022 Winter KA Swimming Practice Schedule Updated 11-29-21

2021 Fall KA Swimming Practice Schedule  Updated 9-14-21


Dryland Training

Dress Code 

Appropriate shorts (fully covering the buttocks) or leggings; T-shirts (tank tops and sports bras are inappropriate), and athletic shoes (open toed shoes are not appropriate).  Please do not wear your swim suits under your clothing.  This constricts the body and could cause heat exhaustion.Here’s additional information regarding the Dry Land.


Yoga Mat (no matter if they kids are in the Fieldhouse or on deck, the floors in both locations are hard.  We are either a 5mm or 6mm mat like the link below


Bands --Here is a link to the resistance bands we recommend each swimmer purchase.  These will be used for Dryland and can be for warm up at swim meets also.