Check us Out Program

Check Us Out! - 4 week Program

Sorry this program is now closed for this season!

Check Us Out!

This is the perfect starter for a child who is interested in joining a swim team but, maybe isn't sure.  They can register for this 4 week introductory program.  They will get to meet their team mates and be grouped with the swimmers of a similar age/skill level. They will begin their journey to learn the four (4) competitive swimming strokes in a safe, positive and fun atmosphere. They will be practicing with the full team while in this program.  If they decide they want to continue beyond the first 4 weeks, you can add on the rest of the season.  The full cost of the Check Us Out! program is credited towards their full season team fee.


Program Starts:  9/12/18

Program Ends:  10/10/18



  • If you register for this program, the registration system will ask for your child's swim suit size and the spelling of your last name for the team swim cap.  This information is collected in advance so, if your child decides to join the team for the full season we can quickly add their information to the team order.  These items are not included with Check Us Out - 4 week program but, are included in the full season team fee.