High School Swim Program

High School Programs

NAAC is proud to offer our High School Swim Team members a reduced annual rate to be part of the club, gain invaluable extra practice and additional experience before and throughout the season.

In order to qualify for the High School Swim Team rate, you must be either:

A rostered Norristown Area High School Swimmer 


A Non-Rostered NASD High School Swimmer - swim on another high school team

This is the perfect way to shake off the rust of summer and get back to training for the upcoming high school season while reuniting with friends. The program also promotes team work, conditioning, dry land basics, along with stroke technique, yardage and stamina. Participation in all NAAC dual & invitational meets will sharpen your pool skills and all of your times will count as official USA swimming times if you join NAAC and register as a USA Swimmer.