R. Max Ritter Award

The R. Max Ritter Award (R. Max Ritter History) is donated by the Ritter Family and is presented annually by United States Aquatic Sports to the organization or individual of a FINA member country who has contributed the most to the advancement of understanding and good will among nations through international participation in amateur aquatic sports. Past recipients of this award are listed below:

2018     Frank "Frankie" Flowers
2017     Adolph Kiefer

2016     June Krauser
2015     Rose Cody, Giovana Moreira
2014     United States Anti-Doping Agency
2013     Nick Thierry
2012     William "Bill" Matson
2011     Eldon Godfrey
2010     Francisco Javier Lopez Chaves
2009     Bartolo Consolo
2007     Coarcy Nunes Filho
2006     Tom Gompf
2005     Orban Mendoza
2003     Gerald T Olson
2001     Hironoshin Furuhashi
2000     Lynn Bates
1999     Julio Maglione
1998     Carol Zaleski
1997     Allen B Richardson, MD
1996     Klaus van de Pol
1995     Bill Payne
1992     Spanish Swim Federation
1991     Ross Wales
1990     Mustapha Larfaoui
1989     William Lippman
1988     Robert H. Helmick
1987     Dr. John A Bogert
1986     Javier Ostos Mora
1985     David Jay Flood
1984     Jan Armburst
1983     Masaji Kiyokawa
1982     Buck Dawson
1981     Pat Besfort
1980     Dr. James E. Counsilman
1979     Deutscher Schwim-Verband
1978     Douglas F Roby
1977     Yugoslav Swim Federation
1976     Dr. Harold W. Henning


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