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All swimmers are required to have USA/CT. Swimming memberships to be a member of CCAT programs or training groups for insurance / and competition requirements.



  1. Stroke and Turn Official:  $150
  2. Starter: $300.00
  3. Administrative Referee: $200
  4. DECK/MEET Referee: $500


You must be listed on the Ct. Swimming website as official status and be currently certified. If you qualify for this discount, please note on your registration fee contract and we will credit your account after you register. Discount/Refund will be applied in full toward your registration fee.



MEET FEESMembers of the 4 SWAT competitive programs ( Gold , Silver,Copper, Bronze ) may be required to provide/file a credit card form at the time of registration.  Swimmers will be entered in selected meets posted on the SWAT website ONLY IF A COMMITTED/DECLINE RESPONSE HAS BEEN ENTERED ON THE WEBSITE BY THE SWAT DEADLINE POSTED. Do not request entry via email or verbal notification.  The SPLASH FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE YOUR SWIMMER WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE MEET. SPLASH FEES are the cost of a fee charged by teams/LSC hosting a competition for each event swimmers are entered in for competitions.  Meet entries must be done far in advance of competitions. Meet selections, events and entries are done by SWAT coaches. Planned competitions for each group will be listed on the SWAT web site, along with a deadline date when the entry for those competitions will be submitted. It is assumed that SWAT swimmers will participate in all meets that are selected by the coaches unless otherwise notified by a parents before the deadline. It is important and the full responsibility of all parents to email notification not to be entered in to a planned competition by the designated deadline date listed. Email notification must  be sent only to the designated coach in charge of entries/escrow identified on the meet list.  Meet fees cannot be refunded to any swimmer, who for any reason, is unable to attend a meet once that meet entry has been submitted.   Swimmer participating in relays will share the entry fee for the relay with fellow relay members. 


PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES/ VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS:  Parents are responsible for  transportation and safety of their children to and from SWAT practices and any competitions that SWAT attends.   All parents are responsible for attending meets that their children attend and to participate in the fulfillment of  any SWAT work assignments required by host teams, SWAT or Ct./USA Swimming.  Parents must attend parent meetings, and are accountable for any information discussed at parent meetings. Or on the SWAT web site.. Membership fees do not necessarily cover all  costs of running the SWAT program. Therefore, all parents of SWAT swimmers will be required to assist the coaching staff in the hosting of meets in order to assist in meeting team financial needs.   All members are expected to contribute to the planning and running of all SWAT hosted meet(s) whether their child is competing in the meet(s).  Parents will be assigned work assignments by the coach/ meet manager and parents must full fill their work assignments in order for their swimmer(s) to compete at meets.