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  • You will be get an email alert when a NEW MEET has been posted!!
  • SIGNING UP FOR A MEET  Go to our website Home Page. 
    • Click on the MEETS/EVENTS red tab across top of home page, or the link from the email alert.
    • FIND the DATE of the Summer League Meet.  
      • Be careful, because there will be many other meets for our year round team.  Be sure to pick the correct Summer League Meet with the YELLOW Summer League logo next to it (as shown above).
    • Click on the [red] NAME of the meet.  This will pull up the MEET INFORMATION PAGE. 
    • Print out the EVENT LIST pdf located as an attachment at the bottom of the meet information page.  
      • "ADAPTED EVENTS" are for special needs​ swimmers attending our meets
    • Up in the Right hand/Right corner (above the yellow Summer League Logo) click on the ACCEPT/DECLINE button, if you want your swimmer to enter the meet.  
      • ​If you are NOT attending the meet, you do not need to decline.
    • Click on the NAME of your SWIMMER > DECLARATION box and choose, “YES, please sign up [your swimmer]" for this event.
    • From there, choose the events you want your swimmer to enter, and be sure to SAVE these entries.  
    • You will be sent back to the “Commitment Page” and a green check mark will show your swimmer is “COMMITTED” to the events you signed up for. 
    • You will not get confirmation that your entries were accepted in the form of an email.  Your credit card will not be charged at this time.
    • Please re-check your entries, because if mistakes are made, they may not be fixable at the meet.
    • All meet fees will ACCRUE throughout the month and then will be invoiced to your credit card in your account and automatically paid on the 1st day of the following month.  
    • Be sure to enter your swimmer in 3 events!!  
    • No workouts on meet days.​​​​
  • JOB SIGNUPS:  Be sure to sign up for your JOB ASSIGNMENT too, by clicking on the JOB SIGNUP button on the meet page!  You are not able to sign up at the meet.  You must sign up for a job [online] by the deadline.
    • ​Your swimmer will NOT be entered into a meet until you have either: 
      • 1) signed up for a job assignment, or
      • 2) signed up for us to "Hire Someone" in your place.


    • A late fee of $10.00 will be added to your account for signing up for a meet past the meet entry due date.


(and getting your swimmers meet entry fees waived?  Click the link)  





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June 18th► Full meet results w/ DQ reasons Individual Meet Results

New Records at this meet!

June 29th►

Full meet results w/ DQ reasons Individual Meet Results

New Records at this meet!

July 17th► Full meet results w/ DQ reasons Individual Meet Results

New Records at this meet!

July 30th► Full meet results w/ DQ reasons Individual Meet Results

New Records at this meet!


**MISSING AWARDS:  If your swimmer is ever missing awards from a meet, 1) contact your coach [to look in different group bags], and then 2) contact, and we can print more!   We ALWAYS want your swimmer to get their awards!!!!



Congratulations to 2019 New Record Holders:

  • 6/18/19 Meet: 
    • Maelynn Shirley, Ethan Tanner
  • 6/29/19 Meet:  
    • Morgan Greer, Autumn Sutherland, Katie Edwards, Claire Thomson
  • 7/17/19 Meet: 
    • Morgan Greer, Lizzy Gourley, Maelynn Shirley
  • 7/30/19 Meet:  
    • ​Maelyn Shirley, Lizzy Gourley, Autumn Sutherland, Claire Thomson, Katie Edwards




2019 Individual Top Times - by name

2019 Individual Top Times - by age & event 

NEW 2019 Team Records!!

HAST Summer League Swim Team Records