Join HAST (Fees)


Are you ready for the challenge?

You can be a part of the HAST year-round STATE CHAMPION swim team!!

For more information on when our tryouts will be held click HERE


If you are CURRENTLY a USA SWIMMING member, and are interested
in transferring to our team, please contact us for a tryout at any time.
To schedule a try-out, please click here to Contact Us.
  • 9 & older Swimmers MUST know ALL FOUR strokes to tryout for HAST
  • 8 & under Swimmers --TO TRYOUT-- MUST know 3 strokes (while taking lessons to learn Butterfly) 


Groups, Registration Fees and Workouts


These workout times are NOT CORRECT for our 2020 Summer (COVID) schedule, sorry!


Additional Fees

1.   The USA Swimming Fee of $90 a year; Summer only (June-August) $50


2.   All Team equipment available at the FC front desk (approx. prices):                                           

  • Girls team suit:   $40

  • Boys team suit:   $31

  • Silicone Cap $12.00, Latex Cap $5.50

  • Fins: sizes 1-3 & smaller ($14), sizes 3-5 - 7-9 ($17)  9-10 & larger ($19)

  • Kick board:  $10.00

  • Gear Bag: Small & Large ($10-$12)


​3.  Meet Fees

  • Meet Fees are an additional cost and will range approximately from $10-$50 depending on the level of competition and entries available.  


4.   All Swimmers of HAST must have a membership to the Fitness Center (HAST members get the lowest price offered by the Fitness Center!!) 

Prices Effective November 1, 2019