Water Polo

Skyline Water Polo Team 2019 


Skyline Water Polo and EAT have joined together to help offer this amazing sport to all our swimmers and new swimmers. Water Polo is a great add on to swimming and a fun new way to experience the water.

We have some awesome coaches who have dedicated a lot of time to help Skyline build their high school club program and want to help build an age group program.


Spring Polo Has Begun!

We are excited that spring water polo practices have started. If you need to register please speak with Kristen Hackett. You must be registered by Feb 21st. Rosters are due and must be approved. Once they are approved they can not be changed so you must be registered before rosters are turned in. 

The Water Polo board is currently working on getting their own website. Registration will no longer be through the Eagles website. They were unable to get the online registration up in time for this season so all registration will be paper copies. Kristen Hackett has all that information. Please email Carly if you do not know how to get into contact with Kristen. 


  • 13 and under or for first year players: Mondays & Thursdays at Skyline from 6:30-7:30 pm
  • 14 and Over: 

    M/T/TH/F At Skyline JV & Varsity 7:30- 9 PM

    M/T/TH/F: AT the U  JV & Varsity 6:30-8 pm

It will depend on what roster you are on for what days/times/locations you will practice.  Please speak with Adriana Jackson if you are unsure.


Membership Requirements

You must have a current USA water Polo membership to practice with Skyline. A Bronze level ($40) membership is all that is needed to play, but you can upgrade the membership later if you would like. Anything above a bronze membership is only required if you plan on traveling or participating in clinics that USA water polo offers. Bronze is plenty for both high school and age group games.

These memberships are valid for 1 year.  When you register for your USA Water Polo membership register under the Utah East Side Club. Visit the USA Water Polo Website to register.  If you registered last year at this time your membership will be up for renewal. Please make sure your membership is up to date before Feb 21st.

You must also upload a photo to your swimmers account on the USA water polo website and do a birth date verification. This is required one time only. You will not need to do it again once you have completed it. 

You can come try water polo, one time, at any time at no cost to you.

USA Water Polo Membership Information

Bronze USA Water Polo membership to play Water Polo or Splash Ball. 



Water Polo will be selling oranges this year to help with spring dues. Participation in the fundraiser is optional. Any extra money, after the required 4 cases, raised by the athlete will be added to their account and can be used towards dues, polo swag or tournament fees and costs. These are amazing fresh picked delivered directly to us oranges. We thank Olypums Aquatics for sharing their information regarding these fundraiser oranges with us. 

 For more information please contact Beth Diaz


  • $175 if you sell 4 cases of Oranges
  • $275 If you choose not to participate in the fundraiser



Peter Brooks: Peter grew up in California and Utah. He swam age group in Utah and was coached by Coach Joe when he was 12 or 13. He has been coaching for more than 15 years. He is married with 5 children (1 currently swimming at Skyline). Peter currently coaches the high school swim team as well as water polo. Peter loves fly fishing, ultra marathons, triathlons and spending time with his family outdoors. His favorite part about coaching is seeing athletes improve and accomplish things they don't think they can do. Something most people don't know about Peter is that he can gut a fish with his bare hands (no really... he can). The hardest thing he has ever done is the Iron man triathlon or a 100 mile ultra marathon. The movie he can quote word for word is " A River Runs Through It". Peter loves Polo and several of his kids play and are collegiate athletes.


Larry Jackson: Swam in high school and coached water polo at Highland High for 15 years, then at Rowland Hall and East High. He helped start the Park City Water Polo program and led them to several state championships. He later coach at the University of Utah and was instrumental in coaching them into a Top 10 Standing. He has a passion for this program and wants to see it succeed.



Ryan Winterton