Meet Info


Meet Information

EAT allows swimmers to be as competitive as they choose. We encourage competition because it helps swimmers set and achieve goals and encourages team unity.  However, it is not mandatory to attend meets. On average, we would like all team members to compete once every three or four weeks. You may also choose to enter only one day of a two day meet.

To participate in swim meets you must be a member of USA Swimming and your account with EAT must be in good standing.

All meets are announced thru our team email system about a month in advance. Each email will include meet information, such as, date, time, location, deadlines and directions on how to register for the meet. If you have questions regarding what events to sign up for, ask your coach. Parents are responsible for registering their swimmers by the deadline. All registration is completed on the team website

Parents are expected to accompany their swimmer to swim meets and be prepared to volunteer. This usually requires a small range of jobs from selling concessions, gathering and sorting timer slips, and timers. There isn’t much expertise/training needed for any of these assignments although they are very important.

Types of swim meets include:

1. Mini Meets: Usually for swimmers 10 and under. Quick pace meet in which 25 and 50 yard/meter events are contested.

2. Dual Meets: Occasionally, EAT will compete with one other team in a dual meet. These are short meets due to less swimmers signing up so the number of events a swimmer may enter may be limited.

3. Developmental Meets: Each swimmer is usually allowed to enter from 3-5 events per day. They can be two day events. No Times (NT’s) are allowed, meaning that there is not a required qualifying time for that event, all swimmers are allowed to swim.

4. Invitational Meets: These meets have some type of qualification time standard(s) that a swimmer must meet in order to enter the meet. These meets typically have a limited number of teams that are invited to participate in the meet and usually last 2-3 days.

5. State Championships: At the end of each short course (winter) and long course (summer) season, a State Championship meet is sanctioned by Utah Swimming, the governing body of swimming in the state of Utah. Utah swimming sets the qualifying time standards for these championships. Generally, the standards fall between the national "BB" and "A" time standards. There are two championships held each season: the Age Group Championship for swimmers 14-Under and the Senior Championship open to any swimmer in the state who has met the qualifying standards regardless of age.

6. Zone Championships: After the state championships are held in the summer, a swimmer may qualify to participate in the Western Zone Championships by swimming a national "AAA" time. This is an all-star meet where swimmers compete as a member of the Utah Zone team competing against other states from the West. This meet requires traveling out of state.

7. Speedo/USS Junior National Championships: One of the highest levels of achievement EAT swimmers strive for is the participation in the Junior National Championships. United States Swimming sponsors an eastern United States Junior National meet and a western United States Junior National meet each season.  This meet requires travellng out of state.


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