Fee Structure

USA Swimming Membership

All swimmers of the Surfers are required to be registered with USA Swimming. The annual cost of USA Swimming membership registration, is $85 per swimmer and is valid from September 1st of the current year until December 31st of the coming year. Payment allows for participation in team practices and functions; in USA sanctioned competitive meets; and in USA Swimming insurance coverage during any approved USA swimming activity and travel. ​ A one time adminstative fee of $15 for a total of $100. 


Monthly Dues


The Surfers utilize the TeamUnify platform to operate and manage the team. The Surfers operate on a monthly billing cycle using TeamUnify as the online payment system. Dues are assessed on the FIRST day of each month. Any other fees such as meet fees are assessed after the FIRST day of each month.


Monthly dues are charged according to the following schedule (and are subject to change):

        $50 – one swimmer

        $45 – for the second through fifth swimmer in the same family

        Every 6th swimmer in the same family is free


If an auto-payment fails to go through and the account balance isn't paid, affected accounts will be assessed a $5 late fee for payments made AFTER the twentieth (20) of the month.

Swimmers that take a leave of absence from the team or leave the Surfers are obligated to pay any outstanding fees owed to the Surfers. Dues will continue to accrue until the Surfers administration is notified in writing of leaving the team or taking a leave of absence.


Meet Fees

All swim meets will have meet fees associated with them. Typically, a meet will have a surcharge and individual event fees. Surcharges will be a minimum of $10 with individual event fees ranging from $3-6 per event. Some meets will charge a flat fee that is all-inclusive. Meet fees for higher end competitions (Western Zone Championships, Far Westerns, Speedo Championship Series Events, etc.) will be considerably higher than local events. If a swimmer signs up for a meet and a swimmer withdraws there is no reimbursement of fee's.


Member Withdrawal

In the event a member swimmer of the Surfers Swim Team team desires to withdraw from the team for any reason, the swimmer is not considered “withdrawn” from the Surfers Swim Team until written notice of their withdrawal is received by the administrator at [email protected] Any current or past due account balances must be paid even if a swimmer withdraws.