How to Join

How to Join the Surfers Swim Team

Swimmers interested in joining the Surfers must attend a try-out. During the tryout, potential swimmers will need to meet the following requirements:

All Try-outs will be held on Tuesday's and Thursday's

                                           --Summer try-out Hours 8 am --

                                        --School Year try-out Hours 6 pm--

  • Be 5 through 19 years old

  • Be able to swim in good form 25 yards front crawl and 25 yards back crawl.

  • Register with USA swimming.

  • Meet all financial obligations promptly.

  • Upon completion of the tryout, swimmers will immediately be notified if they make the team and what group they will be in.

  • After you decide to join, and we know you will, then go to the "ONLINE REGISTRATION" button on the main HOME page.  Fees are required via credit card at the time of registration. DO NOT REGISTER INLINE UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE IN-PERSON TRYOUT

  • Try us out for two weeks.  Comp swimming is different than Country Club or Swim to Win.  It will take a couple of practices to get used to it, but don't give up. Once you get used to the practices, you will really see the improvement.

  • Once we receive your information we will send you an email with your user id, and password to the website.  Enter the site and make sure your information is correct.

  • SIGN UP FOR AUTOPAY:  Preferred method of payment is via our auto-pay system.  All your fees are tracked and billed once a month.  We strongly suggest that you choose the ACH method of autopay.  As we are a non-profit group, the least costly method is ACH withdrawal, at .$75 per transaction, while the fee for credit card use is 3% of the bill.  In order to pay these fees we are required to do fundraising, so please opt for the ACH method if you can.  It is a secure auto-withdrawal from your bank account.

  • Check the Web Site Often:  All meets, activities, and events are posted to the website.  To sign up for a meet you must do so online via the website.  The members' information and all times are tracked through the website.