Parents Info

Dear Prospective Swim Parents:

Please take the time to read over our code of conduct. Each person who is a member of the team is required to abide by this.

Surfers Swim Team Code of Conduct

From one swim parent to prospective swim parents. Swimming is a unique sport and will demand a lot from your child.  Swimming 1-2 hours a day requires a lot of dedication, drive and ultimately concentration and organization. Swimmers tend to be better students, have better concentration and are goal oriented.

They also foster healthy habits and lifestyles. Swimming helps kids make better choices to improve and sustain their performance. It even starts to rub off on you!

Like any activity, swimming puts demands on parents to get them to practices, meets and activities. Unlike some other activities, this is a life long skill with rewards for the whole family. 

Like your swimmers, we encourage you to share in the friendships (you will be with these adults a lot on deck), learn about swimming, and attend the family activities. 

Congratulations on embarking with your child on a wonderful experience.

USA Swimming has amazing information about competitive swimming and parent education. The following link will take you to the Parent Education section of USA Swimming: Click here.

And most importantly, don't ever hesitate to contact a coach with any questions you might. Don't forget that to talk to the coach before or after practice. On deck, the time belongs to your swimmers!

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