Swim Meets

Swim meets provide the swimmer with the opportunity to gauge their progress and to compete with others of their own age and ability level. It allows the swimmer to socialize and meet new people. There are several types of swim meets.

Developmental meets are designed specifically for the beginning and developing swimmers.

B/C meets are for swimmers who have progressed beyond the beginning stages and are ready for bigger challenges.

Invitational and Championship meets are the highest level of competition within Utah.

Invitational and Championship meets will have “qualifying” times that the swimmer must achieve before they can attend these types of meets.

Most of the swim meets that the Surfers Swim Team attends are along the Wasatch Front (Logan to Provo). Also, throughout the course of the year we will attend some out of Utah meets in neighboring states. The coaches suggest that a swimmer attend at least one meet each month or as often as desired so that the swimmer can gauge for themselves how they are progressing.