Fee Structure


Annual USA Membership Fee                                            *Complete registration form, write a check to MAC, submit to coach.

$105 - This fee is required.  No exceptions.                                                                    


Group Training Fee 

Fees are paid to the Murray Park Center either online or at the front desk.  You have the option to pay monthly, seasonally, or yearly, but you must have paid before the first practice attended each month.


Monthly Rate


Bronze Group             $35/$40 per month

Silver Group               $40/$45 per month

Gold Group                $45/$50 per month


Seasonal Rate                                                                                                                           (Example: Dec.- Feb.)


Bronze Group             $90/$105

Silver Group               $105/$120

Gold Group                $120/$135


Swim Meet Entry Fees

Fees are determined by the host club and will be listed on the online meet entry form (look for sanction documents).  Once you have registered your swimmer for a meet, it is your responsibility to calculate the total due and submit to your coach a check written to MAC.  If payment is not received by the deadline, your swimmer will be scratched from the meet.