Season Overview

Competitive Swim Season Overview

Murray Aquatic Club (MAC) is a USA Swimming team that operates on a year-round basis.  All USA Swimming meets are governed by USA Swimming rules and regulations.  Current rules and regulations are available on the USA Swimming website (  There are two primary competitive seasons that MAC will participate in during the year.   

USA Swimming Short Course Season
The short course season begins in September and continues through a series of LSC (Local Swimming Committee) and Regional swim meets that take place in March.  MAC is a member of the Utah Swimming LSC.  Meets are conducted in a 25 yard short course pool during this season.   

USA Swimming Long Course Season
The long course season typically begins at the conclusion of the short course season.  MAC will participate in long course meets as early as April and as late as July each year.  The LSC and Regional long course swim meets take place in mid-July.  Meets are conducted in 50 meter long course pools, which is the Olympic distance. 

Murray High School Swimming

MAC athletes of high school age (9th-12th grades) may participate in the high school competitive season.  The first high school meets typically take place in early November and the UHSAA Regional and State Championship meets take place in February.  MAC swimmers who participate represent their schools at these meets.  Meets are conducted in a 25 yard short course pool.  High School swimming is governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rulebook.  Select competitions such as the state meet may be observed by USA Swimming officials in accordance with Utah Swimming rules in order to make the times posted at these meets by USA Swimming members eligible to be added to the national USA Swimming database.