Discovery Group

  • The "New" Pre-Comp Team.

Explorer Group

  • Swimmers in this group are beginning to learn the rules of competitive swimming and starting to explore the training aspects of competitive swimming. 
  • Group is designed for 7-over swimmers making the transition from swimming lessons or Discovery Pre-Comp to the beginning levels of competitive swimming. 
  • Requirements:  swimmers need to attend 2 practices per week; swim meets are optional, but highly encouraged.

Imagination Group 

  • Swimmers in this group begin to imagine the possibilities of what swimming can offer them.  Anything is possible! 
  • Group is designed for 10-unders with JO times, and 11-13 swimmers that are become more focused on swimming.
  • Swimmers are honing the proper mechanics of each stroke and learning fundamentals of competitive swimming training.
  • Requirements:  swimmers need to attend  3 practices per week; swimmers need to attend at least 1 swim meet per month.

Voyager Group 

  • The Voyager swimmers are making the commitment to the journey of competitive swimming.  How big are your dreams? 
  • Group is designed for 11-over swimmers with 2 JO qualifying times, 10-under swimmers that have qualified for Zones or Far Westerns and 13-over swimmers that are committed to achieving higher levels and maximizing their efforts and attitude during practice.
  • Requirements: swimmers need to attend at least 3 practices per week (4 x is preferred);  swimmers need to attend at least 1 swim meet per month.    

Legacy Group 

  • Swimmers in this group have embraced the journey and desire to leave an impact on our sport.  They are the leaders of the program (and are held accountable as such) and pave the way for the future generations of PCS. 
  • Group is designed for 13-over swimmers with 2 JO qualifying times, 11-12 swimmers that have qualified for Zones or Far Westerns, and senior swimmers with BB times. 
  • Workout animals are encouraged!  Swimmers in this group are training for the future and for the highest level of competitions (Jr. Nationals, Nationals, Olympic Trials, collegiate swimming).
  • Requirements:  swimmers need to attend at least 4 practices per week (5 x preferred); swimmers are eligible for early morning practices during the school year; swimmers need to attend multiple swim meets per month.